Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984

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Black Americans of all political persuasions were subject to federal scrutiny, harassment and prosecution. The FBI enlisted black "confidential special informants" to infiltrate a variety of organizations. Hundreds of documents in this collection were originated by such operatives. The reports provide a wealth of detail on "Negro" radicals and their organizations that can be found nowhere else.

This collection consists of a select group of small microfilm products including:

  • COINTELPRO: Black Nationalist "Hate" Groups
  • FBI File on A. Philip Randolph
  • FBI File on Adam Clayton Powell
  • FBI File on the Atlanta Child Murders
  • FBI File on the Black Panther Party, North Carolina
  • FBI File on the Committee for Public Justice
  • FBI File on Elijah Muhammed
  • FBI File on the Highlander Folk School
  • FBI File on the Ku Klux Klan Murder of Viola Liuzzo
  • FBI File on Malcolm X
  • FBI File: MIBURN (Mississippi Burning)
  • FBI File on the Moorish Science Temple of America
  • FBI File on the Murder of Lemuel Penn
  • FBI File on Muslim Mosque, Inc.
  • FBI File on the NAACP
  • FBI File on the National Negro Congress
  • FBI File on the Organization of Afro-American Unity
  • FBI File on Paul Robeson
  • FBI File on the Reverend Jesse Jackson
  • FBI File on Roy Wilkins
  • FBI File on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  • FBI File on Thurgood Marshall
  • FBI File on W. E. B. Du Bois
  • FBI Investigation File on Communist Infiltration of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • FBI Surveillance File: Malcolm X
  • FBI Investigation File on Marcus Garvey

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Archives Unbound Series

Introducing Archives Unbound -- a vast new resource that combines the best of legacy microfilms from Gale and Primary Source Media and new, never-before-filmed collections. Specifically developed to address the needs of individual scholars, universities, and organizations, Archives Unbound is unique not only for its expansive, multi-disciplinary content but also for the distinct new intuitive search platform by which it is accessed.

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"The content of Archives Unbound makes it an excellent resource for students doing research in political science, history, or ethnic studies, as well as multidisciplinary research. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers." --Choice, March 2011 

— Choice

"...provides a platform for various historical document archives, making them more accessible to scholars. The content is unquestionably important" --Booklist, May 2010

— Deborah Rollins