Gerald R. Ford and Foreign Affairs, Part 1: National Security Advisor's Files: Section 1: Presidential Country Files for East Asia and the Pacific

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The microfilm publication Presidential Country Files for East Asia and the Pacific concern U.S. relations with countries of eastern Asia and the Pacific Ocean, and address regional issues as well as issues specific to individual countries. Presidential Country Files include materials prepared for and by the National Security Adviser and National Security Council staff. Memoranda, reports, briefing papers, schedule proposals, and telegrams make up the bulk of the collection.

Many significant foreign policy events are covered in these files. Among these are the wars and their aftermath in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos; seizure of the Mayaguez and subsequent investigations into the administration's handling of the incident; and the normalization process with the People's Republic of China. Other major topics are U.S. military bases and the presence of American troops, especially in Thailand, Philippines, Diego Garcia, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Korea. General topics covered throughout the collection include trade, arms transfers, mutual defense agreements, and meetings between American and foreign leaders. Materials relating to Southeast Asia concern intelligence reports on the situation in Vietnam and Cambodia, the administration's request of Congress for supplemental assistance, and contingency planning for the evacuation of Americans and refugees. After the fall of Saigon, the focus is on refugee resettlement, disposition of American military equipment left in Vietnam, and consideration of America's policy interests and presence in the region under the new circumstances. State Department telegrams provide an interesting look at communications between officials in Washington and staff at embassies throughout the region. They are valuable for on the scene, current reporting and analyses of conversations and events.

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