Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series: The House of Scribner, 1905-1930

  • Volume 16
  • Editor: Matthew J. Bruccoli
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Each volume concentrates on the major figures of a particular literary period, movement or genre. Entries are generously illustrated with facsimiles of manuscripts and revised galley proofs, title pages, dust jackets and pictures from the authors' lives. (Note: this series has been discontinued, however new Documentary volumes will be published periodically in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series.)



  • Matthew J. Bruccoli


"Short of rummaging through hundreds of thousands of letters, memos, account books and diaries, the reader can achieve no better understanding than through these volumes of the editorial, design and marketing considerations of a working publishing company, an understanding of how these concerns directly affect literary production." -- Publishing Research Quarterly (Winter 1998/99)

— Publishing Research Quarterly

"A rewarding volume that covers a significant chapter in 20th-century American publishing and book-selling history and sheds light on a wide range of authors. Includes much previously unpublished material that should prove of value to booksellers, collectors and others." -- AB Bookman's Weekly (01/04/99)

— AB Bookmans Weekly