Quantum Bio-Informatics V: Proceedings Of The Quantum Bio-Informatics 2011, 1st Edition

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This volume is based on the fifth international conference of quantum bio-informatics held at the QBI Center of Tokyo University of Science.This volume provides a platform to connect mathematics, physics, information and life sciences, and in particular, research for new paradigm for information science and life science on the basis of quantum theory.The following topics are discussed:Cryptographic algorithmsQuantum algorithm and computationQuantum entanglementQuantum entropy and information dynamicsQuantum dynamics and time operatorStochastic dynamics and white noise analysisBrain activityQuantum-like models and PD gameQuantum physics and superconductivityQuantum tomography and sufficiencyAdaptation in PlantsAlignment of sequences.

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Five Years of QBIC.
1: Complexity Considerations Quantum Computation.
2: Quantum Markov Chains and Ising Model on Cayley Tree.
3: Mathematical Aspects of Conserved Quantities in a General Class of Quantum Systems.
4: Oscillations and Rolling for Duffing's Equation.
5: General Formalism of Decision Making Based on Theory of Open Quantum Systems.
6: Quantum-Like Representation of Non-Bayesian Inference.
7: A Mathematical Treatment of Joint and Conditional Probability.
8: Entangled States Preparation in Clusters of Three Resonantly Interacting Fluorescent Particles.
9: Minimum of Information Distance Criterion for Optimal Control of Mutation Rate in Evolutionary Systems.
10: On Non-Markovian Quantum Evolution.
11: High Density Limit of the Distribution of the Outcome of EEG-Measurements.
12: Internal Noise of EEG-Measurements and Certain Boson Systems.
13: Skew Information and Uncertainty Relation.
14: Multiple-Photon Absorption Attack on Entanglement-Based Quantum Key Distribution Protocols.
15: Protein Sequence Alignment Taking the Structure of Peptide Bond.
16: Space - Time - Noise (Raum - Zeit - Rauschen).
17: Quantum Algorithm for Protein Folding and Its Computational Complexity.
18: On Effective Procedures in Analyzing of Quantum Operations and Processes.
19: On Numerical Ranges of Operators.
20: Partial ROC Reveals Superiority of Mutual Rank of Pearson's Correlation Coefficient as a Coexpression Measure to Elucidate Functional Association of Genes*.
21: QFT and Hadronic World as Dynamical Bases of Natural History.
22: Long-Range Property in Time-Dependent Interaction with Three-Body Structure and New Aspect.
23: Kinetic Isotope Effect on Transport Mediated by CLC-Type H+/CL- Exchangers.
24: On Positive Maps; Finite Dimensional Case.
25: A New Noise Depending on a Space Parameter and Its Application.
26: Schrodinger Type Semigroups Via Feynman Formulae and All That.
27: Entropy Production and Non-Equilibrium Steady States.
28: Test and Measure on Difference of Asymmetry between Several Square Tables and Application to Medical Data.
29: Functional Mechanics and Kinetic Equations.
30: Implications of DNA-Nanostructures by Hoogsteen-Dinucleotides on Transcription Factor Binding.
31: On Treatment of Gaussian Communication Process by Quantum Entropies.
32: Importance of Excluded Volume and Hydrodynamic Interactions on Macromolecular Diffusion in Vivo.
33: Self-Repelling Fractional Brownian Motion - A Generalized Edwards Model for Chain Polymers*.
34: Signaling Networks Involving Reactive Oxygen Species and Ca2+ in Plants.
35: A Novel Measure for Finding Disease-Specific Genes from the Biomedical Literature.
36: Three-Tangle and Three-π for a Class of Tripartite Mixed States.
37: Energy Flow and Information Flow in Superconducting Qubit Measurement Process.
38: How Can Steganography Be an Interpretation of the Redundancy in Pre—Mrna Ribbon?.
39: Counter-Factual Phenomenon in Quantum Mechanics.
40: From Structure and Function of Proteins Toward in Silico Biology.