The General Education Board Archives: Series I: Appropriations; Subseries 1: Early Southern Program

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The Early Southern Program of John D. Rockefeller's General Education Board (GEB) was one of the largest and best organized philanthropic efforts in the history of U.S. education. This microfilm collection, covering 1901-1967, re-veals the inner workings of the GEB; shows how it specifically aided countless African-American schools, teachers, and students throughout the South; and illustrates the tense race relations of the early twentieth century and the efforts of determined leaders to overcome hostility. The documents in this collection are organized alphabetically by state and then by location or institution. The documents consist of:Reports by GEB's state agents on educational conditions in the South and various school problems.Correspondence among GEB officers, institutions requesting aid, and state agents.Pamphlets from the institutions requesting aid.Microfilm on individual states and schools can be purchased separately. Listed are the states covered, with the roll count and price for each state. States Covered in This Collection: Alabama, 13 rolls (nos. 1-13) Arkansas, 6 rolls (nos. 14-19) District of Columbia, 3 rolls (nos. 20-22) Florida, 6 rolls (nos. 23-28) Georgia, 28 rolls (nos. 29-56) Kentucky, 9 rolls (nos. 57-65) Louisiana, 6 rolls (nos. 66-71) Minnesota, 1 roll (no. 72) Mississippi, 7 rolls (nos. 73-79) Missouri and New Mexico, two states on one roll (no. 80; also includes part of New York; see below) New York, 2 rolls (nos. 80 [cont'd.] -81) North Carolina, 16 rolls (nos. 82-97) Oklahoma, 1 roll (no. 98) South Carolina, 9 rolls (nos. 99-107) Tennessee, 24 rolls (nos. 108-131) Texas, 8 rolls (nos. 132-139) Virginia, 17 rolls (nos. 140-156) West Virginia, 3 rolls (nos. 157-159)Number of rolls: 159 Click here for the Online Guide