Essential Survival Skills, 1st Edition

  • Colin Towell
  • Published By:
  • ISBN-10: 0756673380
  • ISBN-13: 9780756673383
  • Grade Level Range: 4th Grade - 6th Grade
  • 176 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2011 | Published/Released October 2011
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2011

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Perfect for all ages and skill levels, the Essential Skills series is at-a-glance reference packed with instant- access, easy-to-understand tips to help you improve your game, your technique, and your creativity. ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL SKILLS is a step-by-step guide to surviving and thriving in the wilderness. Whether you are hiking or camping, learn everything you need to know to build a shelter, apply first aid, and treat various types of insect bites. The book progresses from the very basics for beginners, through all the elements essential to becoming adept at wilderness survival.

Table of Contents

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Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: Before You Go.
2: Mental Preparation.
3: Planning your Journey.
4: Emergency Plan of Action.
5: Understanding your Environment.
6: Choosing your Gear.
7: Dressing for the Outdoors.
8: Extreme Survival: in the Wilderness.
9: Your Survival Kit.
10: On the Trail.
11: Maps and Map-Reading.
12: Get your Bearings.
13: Taking Bearings Using a Map.
14: Taking Bearings Using Features on the Ground.
15: Finding your Position.
16: Calculating Distance.
17: Navigation Techniques.
18: Navigating without a Compass.
19: Using the Sun to Navigate.
20: Using the Sun to Tell the Time.
21: Using an Analog Watch to Navigate.
22: Using the Stars to Navigate.
23: Using the Moon to Navigate.
24: Traveling on Foot.
25: Crossing Rivers.
26: Extreme Survival: in the Mountains.
27: Moving Over Snow.
28: Off-road Driving.
29: Making a Poncho Float.
30: Building Rafts.
31: Camp Craft.
32: Organizing your Site.
33: Bedding for Shelters.
34: Taking Shelter in Caves.
35: Corded A-Frame.
36: Trench Shelter.
37: Forest A-Frame.
38: Forest Lean-To.
39: Jungle A-Frame.
40: Extreme Survival: in the Jungle.
41: Desert Shelters.
42: Building a Quinzhee.
43: Making Fire.
44: The Elements of Fire.
45: Making a Feather Stick.
46: Making Char Cloth.
47: Making a Fire Can.
48: Types of Fire.
49: Making Sparks.
50: Extreme Survival: in the Desert.
51: Making a Bow Drill.
52: Using a Bow Drill.
53: Man-made Cordage.
54: Natural Cordage.
55: Making Natural Cordage.
56: Arbor Knot.
57: Double Chain Fastening Knot.
58: Slip Knot.
59: Siberian Hitch.
60: Taut Line Hitch.
61: Using a Knife.
62: Finding Water and Food.
63: The Importance of Water.
64: Finding Water: Temperate Climates.
65: Finding Water: Hot-Humid Climates.
66: Finding Water: Hot-Dry Climates.
67: Finding Water: Cold Climates.
68: Finding Water: At Sea.
69: Treating Water.
70: Extreme Survival: At Sea.
71: In an Energency.
72: Assessing your Situation.
73: Attracting Rescuers.
74: Making a Dome Signal Fire.
75: Other Rescue Signals.
76: Extreme Survival: In Cold Conditions.
77: First Aid Essentials.