Presbyterian Church in the USA: Women's Board of Home Mission Records, 1866-1958

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Microfilmed by the Presbyterian Church in the USA

These collections provide a unique opportunity to study women's missionary activities. These materials provide much-needed primary sources for Religious studies and history of religion; Women's studies; Native American studies; Studies on the American West, Southwest, and Alaska; Area studies on Latin America and the Middle East; History of education; and, Cultural anthropology. The Women's Board of Home Mission Records include minutes, reports, correspondence, financial records and publications of the Woman's Executive Committee/ Woman's Board of Home Missions, 1866-1924. Corporate records dated 1870 to 1946 include materials on history and chronology of the Board, by-laws and regulations, reports and records of activities, and correspondence between individual organizations. Minutes of the Executive Committee and Board meetings between 1878 and 1958, and annual meetings reports and transcripts for 1880-1925, incoming and outgoing correspondence dated between 1866 and 1913 are included. The incoming correspondence is of special interest from individual missionaries reporting from the field. Publications, 1894-1923 includes titles published for Native Americans in Alaska, Utah, South and Southern mountains, and Spanish-speaking communities in the Southwest, as well as Puerto-Rico and Cuba.

Complete collection: 82 reels