Strategic Planning in U.S. Navy 1891-1945

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This primary-source collection traces the development of U.S. naval strategy from the beginning of Alfred Thayer Mahan's influence in the 1890s through the conclusion of World War II. From the official naval archives, documents have been selected that offer broad opportunities for research on the evolution and execution of American naval strategic thought. Among the materials included are:

Naval Contingency War Plans. Early strategies for naval action in Latin America (1890-1906); the Color Plans, for wars against Great Britain, Mexico, and Japan (1920-41); the Rainbow Plans, for wars to be fought by the United States in conjunction with various allies (1939-41).

Naval Preparedness Reports. The "Are We Ready?" studies (1939-41) assessing the physical resources of the U.S. Navy just prior to World War II; the Annual Reports of the CNO and CINCPACFLT (1932-41).

Joint Staff Conversations. Reports covering U.S. and British naval staff discussions in anticipation of World War II.

Operational and Administrative Histories. Naval command reports from major World War II theaters on surface, submarine, and air operations; the evaluating tactics used in Pacific naval encounters during World War II.

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