Biographical Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court, 1st Edition

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The recent dramatic shift in makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court has led to great interest in the rulings and legal opinions of its justices. Now, CQ Press brings you a comprehensive volume that analyzes the lives and legal philosophies of all past and present justices of the Court.

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court includes signed essays profiling the men and women who have served and are serving on the U.S. Supreme Court. This one-of-a-kind reference includes not only important biographical information, but also in-depth details of the legal contributions made by the men and women of the nation's highest bench. Keeping up with the recent changes to the Court, this volume includes all current justices. New essays profile Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

Justices are arranged in an easy-to-use alphabetical format. Each essay is prefaced with key biographical information for each justice such as:

  • Birth and death dates
  • Date of nomination to the Court
  • The name of president who nominated the justice
  • The date he or she was seated
  • Date range of service on the Court

Within each essay, written by a top legal expert, scholar, or journalist, Biographical Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court provides facts and context along with analysis of the opinions and legal philosophies for each justice.

This new volume is an updated edition of The Supreme Court Justices: A Biographical Dictionary (1994). It will prove a valuable resource for academic, community college, law school, and public libraries.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Chronological Listing of the Supreme Court Justices.
1: Alito, Samuel Anthony Jr..
2: Baldwin, Henry.
3: Barbour, Philip Pendleton.
4: Black, Hugo Lafayette.
5: Blackmun, Harry Andrew.
6: Blair, John Jr..
7: Blatchford, Samuel M..
8: Bradley, Joseph P..
9: Brandeis, Louis Dembitz.
10: Brennan, William Joseph Jr..
11: Brewer, David Josiah.
12: Breyer, Stephen Gerald.
13: Brown, Henry Billings.
14: Burger, Warren Earl.
15: Burton, Harold Hitz.
16: Butler, Pierce.
17: Byrnes, James Francis.
18: Campbell, John Archibald.
19: Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan.
20: Catron, John.
21: Chase, Salmon Portland.
22: Chase, Samuel.
23: Clark, Tom Campbell.
24: Clarke, John Hessin.
25: Clifford, Nathan.
26: Curtis, Benjamin Robbins.
27: Cushing, William.
28: Daniel, Peter Vivian.
29: Davis, David.
30: Day, William Rufus.
31: Douglas, William Orville.
32: Duvall, Gabriel.
33: Ellsworth, Oliver.
34: Field, Stephen Johnson.
35: Fortas, Abe.
36: Frankfurter, Felix.
37: Fuller, Melville Weston.
38: Ginsburg, Ruth Bader.
39: Goldberg, Arthur Joseph.
40: Gray, Horace.
41: Grier, Robert Cooper.
42: Harlan, John Marshall.
43: Harlan II, John Marshall.
44: Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr..
45: Hughes, Charles Evans.
46: Hunt, Ward.
47: Iredell, James.
48: Jackson, Howell Edmunds.
49: Jackson, Robert Houghwout.
50: Jay, John.
51: Johnson, Thomas.
52: Johnson, William.
53: Kennedy, Anthony McLeod.
54: Lamar, Joseph Rucker.
55: Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus.
56: Livingston, Henry Brockholst.
57: Lurton, Horace Harmon.
58: Marshall, John.
59: Marshall, Thurgood.
60: Matthews, Stanley.
61: McKenna, Joseph.
62: McKinley, John.
63: McLean, John.
64: McReynolds, James Clark.
65: Miller, Samuel Freeman.
66: Minton, Sherman.
67: Moody, William.
68: Moore, Alfred.
69: Murphy, William Francis (Frank).
70: Nelson, Samuel.
71: O’Connor, Sandra Day.
72: Paterson, William.
73: Peckham, Rufus Wheeler Jr..
74: Pitney, Mahlon.
75: Powell, Lewis Franklin Jr..
76: Reed, Stanley Forman.
77: Rehnquist, William Hubbs.
78: Roberts, John Glover Jr..
79: Roberts, Owen Josephus.
80: Rutledge, John.
81: Rutledge, Wiley Blount Jr..
82: Sanford, Edward Terry.
83: Scalia, Antonin.
84: Shiras, George Jr..
85: Souter, David Hackett.
86: Stevens, John Paul.
87: Stewart, Potter.
88: Stone, Harlan Fiske.
89: Story, Joseph.
90: Strong, William.
91: Sutherland, George.
92: Swayne, Noah Haynes.
93: Taft, William Howard.
94: Taney, Roger Brooke.
95: Thomas, Clarence.
96: Thompson, Smith.
97: Todd, Thomas.
98: Trimble, Robert.
99: Van Devanter, Willis.
100: Vinson, Frederick Moore.
101: Waite, Morrison Remick.
102: Warren, Earl.
103: Washington, Bushrod.
104: Wayne, James Moore.
105: White, Byron Raymond.
106: White, Edward Douglass.
107: Whittaker, Charles Evans.
108: Wilson, James.
109: Woodbury, Levi.
110: Woods, William Burnham.
Selected Bibliography.
Succession Chart of Supreme Court Seats.
Supporting Personnel of the Supreme Court.
Case Index.
Subject Index.
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