Directory of Congressional Voting Scores and Interest Group Ratings, 2009 Edition

  • Richard L. Curwin
  • Editor: J. Michael Sharp
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  • ISBN-10: 1604267224
  • ISBN-13: 9781604267228
  • DDC: 328.730775
  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
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  • Original Copyright 2005 | Published/Released September 2009
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2005

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Here is a complete compilation of CQ voting studies and interest group rating data for every legislator who has served in Congress from 1947 to 2004. This new edition is updated to include information on six new congressional sessions (106th, 107th, and 108th Congresses). Organized alphabetically by members' names, this resource is perfect for quick or in-depth research and provides the easiest, most accurate way to gauge the political orientation of members of Congress over time.

Most members of Congress cast hundreds of roll call votes during a career in office. The Directory cuts out the overwhelming detail work involved in examining these votes, simplifying this task for students and researchers by drawing on compilations from CQ journalism and by organized interest groups of differing political persuasions.

Editor J. Michael Sharp has given careful consideration to which scores to use to give the most accurate picture of each representative's political positions and performance. This is the best source for understanding the political preferences of U.S. senators and representatives, and what this may mean about their choices on future votes. Academic, professional, and public libraries will want to make this volume available to anyone interested in the federal legislative process.



  • J. Michael Sharp

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1: Aandahl, Fred George (R).
2: Abbitt, Watkins Moorman (D).
3: Abdnor, James (R).
4: Abele, Homer E. (R).
5: Abercrombie, Neil (D).
6: Abernethy, Thomas Gerstle (D).
7: Abourezk, James George (D).
8: Abraham, Spencer (R).
9: Abzug, Bella S. (D).
10: Ackerman, Gary L. (D).
11: Adair, Edwin Ross (R).
12: Adams, Brockman (Brock) (D).
13: Addabbo, Joseph Patrick (D).
14: Addonizio, Hugh Joseph (D).
15: Aderholt, Robert B. (R).
16: Aiken, George David (R).
17: Akaka, Daniel Kahikina (D).
18: Akin, W. Todd (R).
19: Albert, Carl Bert (D).
20: Albosta, Donald Joseph (D).
21: Alexander, Hugh Quincy (D).
22: Alexander, Lamar (R).
23: Alexander, Rodney (D), (R) in 2004.
24: Alexander, William Vollie (Bill), Jr. (D).
25: Alford, Thomas Dale (D).
26: Alger, Bruce Reynolds (R).
27: Allard, Wayne (R).
28: Allen, Asa Leonard (D).
29: Allen, Clifford R. (D).
30: Allen, George F. (R).
31: Allen, James Browning (D).
32: Allen, John Joseph, Jr. (R).
33: Allen, Leo Elwood (R).
34: Allen, Maryon Pittman (D).
35: Allen, Thomas H. (Tom) (D).
36: Allott, Gordon Llewellyn (R).
37: Almond, J. Lindsay, Jr. (D).
38: Ambro, Jerome, Jr. (D).
39: Ammerman, Joseph Scofield (D).
40: Andersen, Herman Carl (R).
41: Anderson, Clinton Presba (D).
42: Anderson, Glenn M. (D).
43: Anderson, John Bayard (R).
44: Anderson, John Zuinglius (R).
45: Anderson, LeRoy Hagen (D).
46: Anderson, Wendell Richard (D).
47: Anderson, William Robert (D).
48: Andresen, August Herman (R).
49: Andrews, Arthur Glenn (R).
50: Andrews, Elizabeth Bullock (D).
51: Andrews, George William (D).
52: Andrews, Ike Franklin (D).
53: Andrews, Mark (R).
54: Andrews, Michael Allen (D).
55: Andrews, Robert E. (D).
56: Andrews, Thomas H. (D).
57: Andrews, Walter Gresham (R).
58: Anfuso, Victor L'Episcopo (D).
59: Angell, Homer Daniel (R).
60: Annunzio, Frank (D).
61: Anthony, Beryl Franklin (D).
62: Applegate, Douglas (D).
63: Archer, William Reynolds (Bill) (R).
64: Arends, Leslie Cornelius (R).
65: Armey, Richard Keith (Dick) (R).
66: Armstrong, Orland Kay (R).
67: Armstrong, William Lester (R).
68: Arnold, Samuel Washington (R).
69: Ashbrook, Jean S. (R).
70: Ashbrook, John Milan (R).
71: Ashcroft, John (R).
72: Ashley, Thomas William Ludlow (D).
73: Ashmore, Robert Thomas (D).
74: Aspin, Les (D).
75: Aspinall, Wayne Norviel (D).
76: Atkins, Chester G. (D).
77: Atkinson, Eugene Vincent (D), (R) in 1981.
78: Auchincloss, James Coats (R).
79: AuCoin, Les (D).
80: Avery, William Henry (R).
81: Ayres, William Hanes (R).
82: Baca, Joe (D).
83: Bacchus, James L. (D).
84: Bachus, Spencer (R).
85: Badham, Robert Edward (R).
86: Badillo, Herman (D).
87: Baesler, Scotty (D).
88: Bafalis, Louis Arthur (R).
89: Bailey, Cleveland Monroe (D).
90: Bailey, Donald A. (Don) (D).
91: Bailey, Wendell (R).
92: Baird, Brian (D).
93: Baker, Bill (R).
94: Baker, Howard Henry (R).
95: Baker, Howard Henry, Jr. (R).
96: Baker, Irene Bailey (R).
97: Baker, LaMar (R).
98: Baker, Richard H. (R).
99: Bakewell, Claude Ignatius (R).
100: Baldacci, John Elias (D).
101: Baldus, Alvin James (D).
102: Baldwin, John Finley, Jr. (R).
103: Baldwin, Raymond Earl (R).
104: Baldwin, Tammy (D).
105: Ball, Joseph Hurst (R).
106: Ballance, Frank W., Jr. (D).
107: Ballenger, Cass (R).
108: Bandstra, Bert Andrew (D).
109: Banta, Parke Monroe (R).
110: Barca, Peter W. (D).
111: Barcia, James A. (D).
112: Barden, Graham Arthur (D).
113: Baring, Walter Stephen (D).
114: Barkley, Alben William (D).
115: Barlow, Tom (D).
116: Barnard, Doug, Jr. (D).
117: Barnes, Michael Darr (D).
118: Barr, Bob (R).
119: Barr, Joseph Walker (D).
120: Barrett, Frank A. (R).
121: Barrett, James Gresham (R).
122: Barrett, Thomas M. (D).
123: Barrett, William A. (D).
124: Barrett, William E. (Bill) (R).
125: Barry, Robert Raymond (R).
126: Bartlett, Dewey Follett (R).
127: Bartlett, Edward Lewis (D).
128: Bartlett, Harry Steven (Steve) (R).
129: Bartlett, Roscoe G. (R).
130: Barton, Joe Linus (R).
131: Bass, Charles F. (R).
132: Bass, Perkins (R).
133: Bass, Ross (D).
134: Bateman, Herbert H. (R).
135: Bates, George Joseph (R).
136: Bates, Jim (D).
137: Bates, Joseph Bengal (D).
138: Bates, William Henry (R).
139: Battin, James Franklin (R).
140: Battle, Laurie Calvin (D).
141: Baucus, Max Sieben (D).
142: Bauman, Robert Edmund (R).
143: Baumhart, Albert David, Jr. (R).
144: Bayh, Birch Evan (D).
145: Bayh, Evan (D).
146: Beall, James Glenn (R).
147: Beall, John Glenn, Jr. (R).
148: Beamer, John Valentine (R).
149: Beard, Edward Peter (D).
150: Beard, Robin Leo, Jr. (R).
151: Beauprez, Bob (R).
152: Becerra, Xavier (D).
153: Becker, Frank John (R).
154: Beckworth, Lindley Gary (D).
155: Bedell, Berkley Warren (D).
156: Beermann, Ralph Frederick (R).
157: Begich, Nicholas J. (D).
158: Beilenson, Anthony Charles (D).
159: Belcher, Page Henry (R).
160: Bell, Alphonzo (R).
161: Bell, Charles Jasper (D).
162: Bell, Chris (D).
163: Bell, John Junior (D).
164: Bellmon, Henry Louis (R).
165: Bender, George Harrison (R).
166: Benedict, Cleveland Keith (R).
167: Benjamin, Adam, Jr. (D).
168: Bennett, Charles Edward (D).
169: Bennett, John Bonifas (R).
170: Bennett, Marion Tinsley (R).
171: Bennett, Robert F. (R).
172: Bennett, Wallace Foster (R).
173: Bentley, Alvin Morell (R).
174: Bentley, Helen Delich (R).
175: Benton, William (D).
176: Bentsen, Ken (D).
177: Bentsen, Lloyd Millard, Jr. (D).
178: Bereuter, Douglas Kent (R).
179: Bergland, Bob Selmer (D).
180: Berkley, Shelley (D).
181: Berman, Howard L. (D).
182: Berry, Ellis Yarnal (R).
183: Berry, Marion (D).
184: Bethune, Edwin Ruthvin, Jr. (Ed) (R).
185: Betts, Jackson E. (R).
186: Bevill, Tom (D).
187: Biaggi, Mario (D).
188: Bible, Alan Harvey (D).
189: Biden, Joseph Robinette, Jr. (D).
190: Biemiller, Andrew J. (D).
191: Biester, Edward George, Jr. (R).