George H. W. Bush and Foreign Affairs: Part 4: The Middle East Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain

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Part 4: The Middle East Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain

This collection contains materials related to the planning and organization of the October 1991 Middle East Peace Conference in Madrid, Spain. This collection primarily contains correspondence, memoranda, cables, diplomatic dispatches, reports, studies, maps, and printed material which document all aspects of staging the conference as well as the conference itself. These materials provide detailed information about the role of the United States in convening the peace conference, the interactions of Middle Eastern nations, and the role of European nations in the peace process. In addition, these materials reveal the highly complex nature of the negotiations leading up to and during the peace conference and highlight the positions of the various parties involved. The correspondence in particular documents the exchanges among heads of state throughout the negotiations, whereas memoranda, cables, and dispatches reveal the world of the professional negotiators and diplomats involved in the process. Also, these materials provide insight into the attitudes and opinions of interest groups as they promoted particular ideas and proposals regarding the Middle East. All these materials shed light on the constantly evolving Middle East peace process.

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