Societies and Cultures: Russia, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 7th Grade - 12th Grade
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By far the world's largest country, Russia is home to diverse environments and landforms, from deserts and semiarid steppes to deep forests and Arctic tundra. Its history is rich, from the rise of the Rus and age of the tsars through the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, and its population diverse, with countless languages and religious and cultural traditions represented. This series takes a comprehensive look at one of history's most influential powers, one whose controversial actions have brought it back to the forefront of global politics. With these comprehensive books, students will grasp the full extent of Russia's cultural contributions, geopolitical importance, and historical impact. Features include: Timely content as international attention turns toward Russia and its role in international politics, conflicts, and elections. Closely coordinates with the C3 Framework for Social Studies' requirements for students to examine the relationship between geography, culture, and political and economic decision making.

Products Included

Societies and Cultures: Russia: The Culture of Russia  (ISBN-10: 1538301784 | ISBN-13: 9781538301784)

Though current events have brought Russia into the spotlight of late, many Americans still have only the haziest notion of Russian culture. This wide-ranging reference introduces the peoples, languages, and religions of Russia and also delves into such facets of Russian culture as sports, the media, holidays, traditional foods, and education. Chapters devoted to architecture, the visual arts, literature, and the performing arts highlight the best of Russia's cultural heritage, including the novels of Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the films of Sergey Eisenstein, the music of Tchaikovsky and Sergey Prokofiev, and the churches of Pskov. Readers will find this volume to be a fascinating introduction to a rich, complex culture.

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Societies and Cultures: Russia: The Geography of Russia  (ISBN-10: 1538301814 | ISBN-13: 9781538301814)

Russia is a vast country, as well as the world's largest nation by far. Readers of this volume will learn about the country's varied landscape, lakes and rivers, climate, and environmental zones. Russia's natural resources and the impact these have had on the country's settlement patterns are also discussed. Moscow is the focus of one chapter, while another celebrates Russia's many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Maps, charts, and sidebars provide extra information, while colorful photographs give readers a glimpse of some of Russia's most spectacular natural scenery.

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Societies and Cultures: Russia: The History of Russia from 1801 to the Present  (ISBN-10: 1538303892 | ISBN-13: 9781538303894)

In the slightly more than two centuries since the dawn of the nineteenth century, Russia has undergone sweeping changes several times over. Readers will learn about the tension between reform and autocracy that marked the nineteenth century, World War I and the fall of the last tsar, and the rise of the USSR. They will examine the USSR's time as a twentieth-century superpower, the fall of communism, and Russia's current power plays for global influence. Sidebars provide extra information, while historical photographs let readers see the figures and events that shaped Russian history with their own eyes.

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Societies and Cultures: Russia: The History of Russia to 1801  (ISBN-10: 1538301849 | ISBN-13: 9781538301845)

To truly understand today's Russia, it is important to look back through the centuries to the figures, events, and neighboring cultures that have shaped it into what it is today. Starting with the rise of the Rus in the first millennium, this book traces the first thousand or so years of Russian history. The rise and fall of Kiev as the Rus center, the Novgorod Republic, the Mongol Invasion, the rise of first Rurikid and then Romanov Muscovy, and the indelible influences of Peter I and Catherine II, both of whom earned the moniker "the Great" are all covered.

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