Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry Palestine, 1944-1946

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Filmed from the National Archives

The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry (AACI), formed in 1945, was created to study the situation of Jewish survivors in Europe and the problems connected with their resettlement in Palestine. Composed of six British and six American members, the committee was charged with gathering information and making recommendations on

1) the effect of Jewish immigration and resettlement on political, economic, and social conditions in Palestine, and
2) the position of surviving Jews in Europe and the possibility of resettling or repatriating them in Palestine and other non-European countries.

On April 20, 1946, the AACI submitted its report, which was made public on May 1. The records reproduced in this publication include the AACI's reference files, transcipts of its hearings, and its reports and recommendations. In addition, there are publications, papers, interviews, maps, memoranda, and correspondence. Both official and unofficial sources provided evidence for the committee, including the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Office of Military Government for Germany, and private Arab and Jewish records.

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