Archives of the British Trades Union Congress

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The British Trades Union Congress (TUC) began in 1868 as a permanent association of trade unions, and it now holds a major place in international labor affairs. The collection includes the organization's meeting records, pamphlets and periodicals, with some materials dating to 1887, along with financial reports, recruiting advice and other documents.

The Mining Crisis and the General Strike, 1925-1926: The Documentary Record

This collection incorporates vital documents on the National Miners' Strike, including verbatim reports of negotiations between the opposing parties and details of financial aid for the miners.

22 reels

Trades Union Congress Committee Minutes and Papers, 1922-1950, Parts One and Two

These minutes give the historian a new insight into the inner workings of the TUC - its response to mass unemployment, to Keynesianism and its alternative economic strategies.

Part One: Economic Committee, Finance and General Purposes Committee, etc. 12 reels

Part Two: Colonial Advisory Committee, Industrial Welfare Committee, etc. 13 reels

Trades Union Congress General Council Minute Books, Parts One and Two

The General Council was first constituted in 1921 to replace the old Parliamentary Committee.

Part One: 1921-1932
36 fiche Part Two: Sept. 1932-Dec. 1946
52 fiche

Pamphlets and Leaflets of the British Trades Union Congress, Parts One to Four

This collection plots the development of the TUC into the country's most effective and professional organization and a powerful force in British politics.

Part One: 1887-1930
101 fiche Part Two: 1931-1947
97 fiche Part Three: 1948-1966
135 fiche Part Four: 1967-1972
112 fiche

Trades Union Congress...


"This is an extremely important source for historians of 20th century Britain....obviously the minutes of the General Council of the TUC are a crucial source for the historian of the British Labour Movement." -- Professor William D. Muller State University of New York In Microform Review

— William D. Muller, Professor