Wine: A Tasting Course, 1st Edition

  • Marnie Old
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  • ISBN-10: 1465425357
  • ISBN-13: 9781465425355
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  • Grade Level Range: 12th Grade +
  • 256 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released May 2014
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2014

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Giving readers the confidence to discover, buy, and drink wines that they'll enjoy, Wine: A Tasting Course helps you explore and develop your palate in your own time and at your own pace. Offering a visual tour of wine styles, explaining the big-picture concepts, and encouraging readers to recognize the connections between wines, author Marnie Old, a renowned American sommelier, challenges all the stuffy orthodoxies about wine, and teaches that best way to learn is through tasting. Providing a fresh take on the world of wine, showing you what you need to know, and debunking wine-snob myths, Wine: A Tasting Course is the ultimate visual wine course for wine lovers seeking no-nonsense, practical information.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
1: Building Wine Skills.
2: Talking and Tasting.
3: Wine Lingo and Geek-Speak.
4: Taste Wines Like a Pro.
5: Wine-Tasting Checklist.
6: How Wine Looks.
7: Are We Tasting or Smelling?.
8: How Wine Tastes.
9: The Tasting: Identifying Sweetness and Acidity.
10: How Wine Smells.
11: The Tasting: Identifying Fruit and Oak.
12: How Wine Feels.
13: The Tasting: Identifying Body Tannin, and Carbonation.
14: Evaluating Wine Quality.
15: Browsing and Buying.
16: Look at the Packaging.
17: Shopping by Numbers.
18: Beating the Budget.
19: Reading New World Labels.
20: Reading Old World Labels.
21: Buying in Restaurants.
22: Pouring and Storing.
23: Entertaining with Wine.
24: Know your Glasses.
25: Wine and Temperature.
26: Wine and Aging.
27: Navigating Wine by Style.
28: Visualizing Wine Style.
29: The Wine Style Spectrum.
30: The Three Flavor Factors.
31: The Tasting: Identifying the Style Spectrum.
32: Why Regions Trump Grapes.
33: Ripeness: A Key Concept.
34: Predicting Ripeness.
35: How Grape Varieties Fit In.
36: The White Wine Spectrum.
37: Mapping White Wines by Style.
38: Chardonnay's Style Range.
39: Exploring Lighter White Styles.
40: Exploring Mid-Weight White Styles.
41: Exploring Heavier White Styles.
42: The Red Wine Spectrum.
43: Mapping Red Wines by Style.
44: Red Wine Flavor Progression.
45: Cabernet Sauvignon's Style Range.
46: Exploring Lighter Red Styles.
47: Exploring Mid-Weight Red Styles.
48: Exploring Heavier Red Styles.
49: Matching Wine and Food.
50: What to Drink When.
51: Pairing Wine with Main Ingredients.
52: Pairing Tricks of the Trade.
53: Pairing Wine to Specific Recipes.
54: Food Chemistry.
55: The Tasting: Identifying the Effects of Salt and Sugar.
56: The Tasting: Identifying Sensory Competition.
57: Mastering Wine Variables.
58: Winemaking Decisions.
59: Fermenting Grapes into Wine.
60: Controlling Sweetness.
61: The Tasting: Identifying Stages of Fermentation.
62: Determining Color and Style.
63: Fermenting or Aging in Oak.
64: The Tasting: Identifying Grape Skins and Oak Barrels.
65: Specialty Styles: Fortified Wine.
66: Specialty Styles: Sparkling Wine.
67: Grape-Growing Choices.
68: Location, Location, Location.
69: Geography and Climate.
70: The Effects of Terroir.
71: Farming for Quantity or Quality?.
72: The Tasting: Identifying Vineyard Factors.
73: Cultural Priorities.
74: Old World or New World?.
75: Wine History in Europe.
76: France and Fine-Wine Icons.
77: Winemaking in the Colonies.
78: The Tasting: Identifying Old World and New World Styles.
79: Discovering Wine Grapes and Regions.
80: Must-Know Wine Grapes.
81: Grape Varieties.
82: Chardonnay.
83: Sauvignon Blanc.
84: Riesling.
85: Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris.
86: Moscato.
87: Cabernet Sauvignon.
88: Merlot.
89: Pinot Noir.
90: Syrah/Shiraz.
91: Grenache/Garnacha.
92: The Best of the Rest.
93: Must-Know Wine Regions.
94: The Wine Regions of Europe.
95: France: Burgundy.
96: France: Champagne.
97: France: Bordeaux.
98: France: Loire Valley.
99: France: Rhône valley.
100: France: Alsace.
101: Italy: Tuscany.
102: Italy: Piedmont.
103: Italy: Triveneto.
104: Italy: The South.
105: Spain.
106: Germany.
107: Austria.
108: Portugal.
109: Greece.
110: The Wine Regions Outside Europe.
111: USA: California.
112: USA: Pacific Northwest.
113: Canada.
114: Australia.
115: New Zealand.
116: South Africa.
117: Chile.
118: Argentina.
Summary: How to Achieve Vinlightenment.
Copyright Page.