Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems, 1st Edition

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This book examines mechatronics and automatic control systems. The book covers important emerging topics in signal processing, control theory, sensors, mechanic manufacturing systems and automation. The book presents papers from the 2013 International Conference on Mechatronics and Automatic Control Systems in Hangzhou, held in China during August 10-11, 2013.

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1: Advanced Mechanics and Mechatronics.
2: Multi-point Pitting Corrosion Fault Diagnosis on Rolling Element Bearing of Vibrating Machine.
3: Finite Element Analysis on Internal Locking Device of Switch Machines and Design of Profiled Pin Hole.
4: A Calculation Approach to Complete Profile of Noncircular Gear Teeth.
5: Modeling and Simulation of Short Circuit Faults in Stator Coils of Brushless DC Motor.
6: Space-Vector Modulation Based on Advanced RISC Machine for Single-Phase Induction Motor.
7: Analysis on the Error Caused by Working Frequency Drift for the Silicon Micromechanical Gyroscope.
8: The Analysis of Coating Quality of Thin Copper Film Prepared by Wire Exploding Spray Coating Method.
9: Separation Criterion Based on Apparent Impedance Angle.
10: The Design for Photoelectric Graphics Generator of Small Arms Sights.
11: The Fluid Flow Investigation of the Compact Motor with Medium-Size and High-Voltage in YJKK Series.
12: Intelligent Systems and Algorithms.
13: Parametric Identification of Ship's Maneuvering Motion Based on Kalman Filter Algorithm.
14: LMI Approach for Stability of Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Multi-delay and Distributed Delays.
15: The Temperature/Humidity Control System of Equipment Warehouse Based on Fuzzy Control Algorithm.
16: A Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization.
17: Stochastic Stabilizing Control of Networked Control System with Markovian Parameters.
18: An Automatic Clutch Engagement Strategy for Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy Control.
19: Application of Twin Support Vector Machine for Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing.
20: Mid-term Load Forecasting Based on Modified Grey Model.
21: The Application of Fuzzy Predictive Control in Lime Production.
22: Application of Fuzzy Neural-PID Controller in the Static Inverter's Simulation.
23: Calculation of Impulse Grounding Resistance of Extended Grounding Electrode.
24: Dual-Array Tracking Algorithm for Underwater Bearing-Only Target Tracking Based on EKF.
25: Online Voltage Stability Prediction Based on Wide Area Measurement System.
26: A Multi-sensor Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Improved Kalman Filter.
27: Heuristic Algorithm for the Ribonucleic Acid Pseudoknotted Structure Prediction.
28: An Advanced Method to Calculate Parameters of PSS Using the State Model.
29: Influence of Photovoltaic Random Output on Distribution Networks Node Voltage.
30: Cubature Particle Filter Algorithm Base on Integrated Navigation System.
31: Unequal Clustering Algorithm for WSNs Using Particle Swarm Optimization.
32: A New Protection Algorithm for Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Based on Intelligent Electronic Device Information.
33: The Day-Ahead Neural Network Wind Power Prediction Method in Wind Farms.
34: Blind Single-Image Super Resolution Reconstruction with Gaussian Blur.
35: Research on the Detection Method of Power Quality Based on Phase-Locked Loop.
36: A Discriminant Analysis Method for Power System Small Signal Based on Matrix Norm.
37: Bandwidth Enhancement for Planar Inverted F Antenna.
38: The Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm Optimized by Radial Basis Function in Electric Power System.
39: Anisotropic Nonconforming Mixed Element Method for Maxwell's Equations.
40: New Back-Up Protection Principle and Its Modeling Based on IEC 61850.
41: A Novel Approach to Deploying High Performance Computing Applications on Cloud Platform.
42: Parallelization of Characteristic Series.
43: Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Systems.
44: Wireless Monitoring System for Elevator on Android Platform.
45: Air Cooling Equipment Health Status Prediction Techniques Based on Data-Driven Method.
46: The Application of i-bus Intelligent Lighting Control System in the Terminal of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.
47: Voltage Equalization in Super Capacitors Series.
48: Mobile Robot Localization in Coal Mine Based on ZigBee.
49: Static Security Analysis of the Regional Power Grid Based on the Busbar Automatic Transfer Switch.
50: The Space Distributed Power System: Power Generation, Power Distribution and Power Conversion.
51: Configuration of the Wind Farm Reactive Power Compensation.
52: Design and Implementation of an Embedded Intelligent Reader.
53: Modeling of High Throughput Screening Systems.
54: Power Management Strategy of Low Voltage DC Micro Grid.
55: Manipulation of Pneumatic Components in Microfluidic Chips by Circuit Based on Single-Chip Microcomputer.
56: A Summary of Line Selection in Single Phase Earth Fault System.
57: Micro-grid Environmental Economic Dispatch Using Improved Linearly Decreasing Weight Particle Swarm Optimization.
58: Comparative Study of Grey Forecasting Model and ARMA Model on Beijing Electricity Consumption Forecasting.
59: Design and Realization on Evolvable Circuit Self-Repair.
60: Design and Application of Solar Power Supply System.
61: Emergency DC Power Support in Parallel AC/DC Power System.
62: Application of Soft Switching Technology in Inverter and Its Influence on Electromagnetic Interference.
63: A Summary of Harmonic Detection in Electricity Distribution Based on the Instantaneous Power Theory.
64: Reduce-Size Dual-Polarized Microstrip Antenna.
65: Grain Logistics Management Information System Based on Short Message Service Technology.
66: Pricing Strategies for Reverse Supply Chain of Electronic Waste Based on Game Theory.
67: A Novel Wide Area Protection Zone Division and Main Station Selection Method.
68: Control Theory and Application.
69: Monte Carlo Based Predictive Method for Determining Work Envelope of Spacesuit in EVA Operation.
70: Reduced Thrust Take-Off of Large Passenger Aircraft Based on Derate Method.
71: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Feedback Linearization Vector Control.
72: Design and Simulation of Image Compensation Control System.
73: μ-Method for Robust Stability of Active Aeroelastic Wing with Multiple Control Surfaces.
74: Nonlinear Flight Controller Design Using Combined Hierarchy-Structured Dynamic Inversion and Constrained Model Predictive Control.
75: Cooperative Multitasking Software Design for Gas Pressure Control Based on Embedded Microcontroller System.
76: Robust H∞ Filtering for Uncertain Switched Systems Under Asynchronous.
77: A Kind of Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Model Controller Design for Hypersonic Reentry Vehicle.
78: Design of Smith Auto Disturbance Rejection Controller for Aero-engine.
79: Asynchronous Motor Vector Control System Based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation.
80: Design of Direct Current Subsynchronous Damping Controller (SSDC).
81: Three Current-Mode Wien-Bridge Oscillators Using Single Modified Current Controlled Current Differencing Transconductance Amplifier.
82: Improved Phase-Locked Loop Based on the Load Peak Current Comparison Frequency Tracking Technology.
83: Optimization of Low-Thrust Orbit Transfer.
84: Self-Healing Control Method Based on Hybrid Control Theory.
85: PMSM Sensorless Vector Control System Based on Single Shunt Current Sensing.
86: Wind Power System Simulation of Switch Control.
87: Simulation of Variable-Depth Motion Control for the High-Speed Underwater Vehicle.
88: A Low Power Received Signal Strength Indicator for Short Distance Receiver.
89: Ship Shaft Generator Control Based on Dynamic Recurrent Neural Network Self-Tuning PID.
90: Control System Design and Simulation of Microelectromechanical Hybrid Gyroscope.
91: Data Mining and Application.
92: New Detection Technology Based on the Theory of Eddy Current Loss.
93: Pedestrian Detection Based on Road Surface Extraction in Pedestrian Protection System.
94: Methods on Reliability Analysis of Friction Coefficient Test Instrument.
95: Design and Implementation of a New Power Transducer of Switch Machine.
96: Data Model Research of Subdivision Cell Template Based on EMD Model.
97: A Spatial Architecture Model of Internet of Things Based on Triangular Pyramid.
98: Design and Realization of Fault Monitor Module.
99: Dynamical System Identification of Complex Nonlinear System Based on Phase Space Topological Features.
100: Field Programmable Gate Array Configuration Monitoring Technology for Space-Based Systems.
101: HVS-Inspired, Parallel, and Hierarchical Traffic Scene Classification Framework.
102: Analysis and Application on Reactive Power Compensation Online Monitoring System of 10 kV Power Distribution Network.
103: Histogram Modification Data Hiding Using Chaotic Sequence.
104: A Family of Functions for Generating Colorful Patterns with Mixed Symmetries from Dynamical Systems.
105: Automatic Calibration Research of the Modulation Parameters for the Digital Communications.
106: Adaptive Matching Interface Technology Based on Field: Programmable Gate Array.
107: Power Grid Fundamental Signal Detection Based on an Adaptive Notch Filter.
108: The Precise Electric Energy Measurement Method Based on Modified Compound Simpson Integration.
109: A Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna.
110: Electricity Consumption Prediction Based on Non-stationary Time Series GM (1, 1) Model and Its Application in Power Engineering.
111: Electricity Load Forecasting in Smart Grid Based on Residual GM (1, 1) Model.
112: Electricity Consumption Forecasting Based on a Class of New GM (1, 1) Model.
113: Spectral Visibility of High-Altitude Balloon by the Ground-Based Detection.
114: Sensing Control Theory.
115: A Novel Demodulation Method for Fiber Optic Interferometer Sensor Using 3 × 3 Coupler.
116: High Resolution Radar Target Recognition Based on Distributed Glint.
117: A Differential Capacitive Viscometric Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring.
118: An Improved Secure Routing Protocol Based on Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks.
119: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index in China Based on Remote Sensing Images.
120: Signal Processing and Control.
121: The Application of Digital Filtering in Fault Diagnosis System for Large Blower.
122: Performance Analysis on ST-ASLC with Wide-Band Interference.
123: Velocity Error Analysis of INS-Aided Satellite Receiver Third-Order Loop Based on Discrete Model.
124: Data-Processing for Ultrasonic Phased Array of Austenitic Stainless Steel Based on Wavelet Transform.
125: The Non-stationary Signal of Time-Frequency Analysis Based on Fractional Fourier Transform and Wigner-Hough Transform.
126: Weakness in a Serverless Authentication Protocol for Radio Frequency Identification.
127: The Radar Images Smooth Rolling.
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