Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record: Series 5: Civil War, Society and Political Transition in Guatemala: The Guatemala News and Information Bureau Archive, 1963-2000

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From the holdings of the Firestone Library at Princeton University

For more than three decades, the Guatemala News and Information Bureau (GNIB) gathered material from a variety of sources to document Guatemala's political and social processes from various points of view. Civil War, Society, and Political Transition in Guatemala comprises rare and unique ephemera, serials, studies and reports that are not widely available in libraries in either the United States or Guatemala.

With publication of this extraordinary collection, previously inaccessible material and the item-level guide that accompanies it, is now easily attainable for all libraries seeking to deepen their Latin American holdings.

Part 1: Society, Politics, Economics, and Foreign Policy
25 reels

Part 2: Human Rights and Revolutionary and Popular Movements
44 reels

Part 3: Serials, Reports and Publications
43 reels

Complete Collection: 112 reels