History of Education

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From the holdings of the Milbank Memorial Library of Teachers College at Columbia University Library and other institutions This collection of primary source materials traces educational theories and practices from the 15th century through 1917. In addition, students and faculty can research such areas as sociology, philosophy, psychology, communications, religion and women's rights. Topics include: Administration Curriculum Discipline Education and minorities Educational psychology Elementary, secondary and higher education Guidance and counseling International education Philosophy and principles of education Private instruction Professional education Research in education Sensory training Special education State and local education systems History of Education provides research support for intellectual and cultural history, as well as education. As institutions are challenged to upgrade their resources in the field of education, this collection provides insight into the past that is increasingly relevant to the current educational scene. A printed guide, arranged alphabetically by main entry and by title, accompanies each unit. The filming sequence generally follows the Dewey Classification organization at Teachers College. For optimum purchasing flexibility, we offer this collection two ways, by special subjects and in traditional units. Complete Collection: 32,508 fiche Units 1-26 1,250 fiche per unit.

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