Facts On File Dictionary Of Cliches: Meanings and Origins of Thousands of Terms and Expressions, 1st Edition

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The FACTS ON FILE DICTIONARY OF CLICHES, Third Edition is the largest, most comprehensive, and most entertaining reference of its kind. Featuring hundreds of new cliches, this updated and expanded edition explains the meanings and origins of more than 4,000 cliches and common expressions. Each entry includes the meaning of the cliche or expression, its origin and early uses, its historical development, and its present-day usage. This fully indexed and cross-referenced resource is essential for students, writers, and anyone seeking the gift of gab.

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Preface to the New Edition.
Author’s Note.
1: About Face, to do an.
2: About the Size of it.
3: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.
4: Accident Waiting to Happen, an.
5: According to Hoyle.
6: AC/DC.
7: Ace in the Hole.
8: Achilles’ Heel.
9: Acid Test, the.
10: Across the Board.
11: Actions Speak Louder than Words.
12: Act Your Age.
13: Add Fuel to the Fire/Flames, to.
14: Add Insult to Injury, to.
15: A Dog’s Age.
16: A Dog’s Life.
17: Afraid of One’s own Shadow.
18: After One’s own Heart.
19: Against the Grain, to go.
20: Age before Beauty.
21: Ahead of the Curve.
22: Ahead of the Pack.
23: Aid and Abet, to.
24: Ain’t it the Truth.
25: Albatross around One’s Neck, an.
26: Alive (Live) and Kicking (Well).
27: All and Sundry.
28: All Bets are Off.
29: All Cats are Gray After Dark/at Night.
30: All Ears, to be.
31: All for Naught.
32: All Hell Breaks Loose.
33: All Intents and Purposes, for (to).
34: All in the/A Day’s Work.
35: All One’s Ducks in a Row, Get/Have.
36: All Other Things (else) Being Equal.
37: All Over but the Shouting, it’s.
38: All Over Creation.
39: All Present and Accounted for.
40: All Roads Lead to Rome.
41: All’s Fair in Love and War.
42: All Systems Go.
43: All that Glitters is not Gold.
44: All Things Considered.
45: All Things to All Men, to be.
46: All Thumbs, to be.
47: All-Time High (Low).
48: All to the Good.
49: All Wet, to be.
50: All Wool and a Yard Wide.
51: Almighty Dollar, the.
52: A Long Face, to Wear/Draw/Pull.
53: Along for the Ride, to Go/to Come/Just.
54: Alpha and Omega, the.
55: Also Ran.
56: American Dream, the.
57: An Apple a Day (Keeps the Doctor Away).
58: And then Some.
59: Another Day, Another Dollar.
60: Ante up, to.
61: Ants in One’s Pants.
62: Any Port in a Storm.
63: A-Ok.
64: A-1.
65: A Poor Thing but Mine own.
66: Apple of One’s Eye, the.
67: Apple-pie Order.
68: Apples and Oranges, Like Comparing.
69: Après Moi Le Déluge.
70: April Showers Bring May Flowers.
71: Apron Strings, Tied to (Someone’s).
72: Armchair General.
73: Armed to the Teeth.
74: Army Brat.
75: As All Getout.
76: As I Live and Breathe.
77: Ask a Silly/Stupid Question (and You’ll Get a Silly/Stupid Answer).
78: Ask me no Questions, I’ll Tell You no Lies.
79: Asleep at the Switch.
80: As Luck would have it.
81: As Old as Adam.
82: As One Man.
83: Ass in a Sling, to have/get One’s.
84: As the Crow Flies.
85: As We Know it.
86: As We Speak, (Even).
87: At a Loss, to be.
88: At a Snail’s Pace.
89: At Loggerheads, to be.
90: At Long Last.
91: At One Fell Swoop.
92: At One’s Beck and Call.
93: At One’s Fingertips.
94: At One’s Wits’ End, to be.
95: At Sea, to Be/All.
96: At Sixes and Sevens.
97: At Swords’ Points.
98: At the Crossroads.
99: At the Drop of a Hat.
100: At the End of the Day.
101: At this Juncture/Moment/Point in Time.
102: Avoid Like the Plague, to.
103: Awesome!.
104: Ax to Grind, an.
105: Babe(s) in the Woods.
106: Baby Boomer.
107: Back and Fill, to.
108: Back Number.
109: Back Off, to.
110: Back of One’s Hand, to Give (Someone) the.
111: Backseat Driver.
112: Back the Wrong Horse.
113: Back to Square one.
114: Back to the Salt Mines.
115: Back to the Wall, with One’s.
116: Bad Blood.
117: Bad Hair Day.
118: Bad News/Good News.
119: Bad Penny, Always Turns up (Comes Back) Like a.
120: Bag and Baggage.
121: Bag of Tricks.
122: Bail Out, to.
123: Baker’s Dozen.
124: Bald as a Coot/Billiard Ball.
125: Ballpark Figure, a.
126: Ball’s in Your Court, the.
127: Balm in Gilead.
128: Band-aid Approach/Solution.
129: Bane of One’s Existence, the.
130: Baptism of Fire.
131: Barefaced Lie/Liar.
132: Bark is Worse than One’s Bite.
133: Bark up the Wrong Tree, to.
134: Basket Case.
135: Bats in One’s Belfry, to have.
136: Batten down the Hatches, to.
137: Battle-ax.
138: Battle Cry.
139: Battle of the Bulge.
140: Battle Royal.
141: Be-all and End-all, the.
142: Beard the Lion, to.
143: Bear Hug.
144: Bear the Brunt, to.
145: Bear with me.
146: Beat a (Hasty/Quick) Retreat, to.
147: Beat around/about the Bush, to.
148: Beaten Track, (Off) the.
149: Beat One’s Brains (Out), to.
150: Beat the Bushes for, to.
151: Beat the Living Daylights out of, to.
152: Beat to the Punch/Draw.
153: Beautiful People, the.
154: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
155: Beauty is (only) Skin-Deep.
156: Bed and Board.
157: Bed of Roses, a.
158: Bee in One’s Bonnet, to have a.
159: Been there, done that.
160: Beer and Skittles, (Life is) not All.
161: Before You can say Jack Robinson.
162: Beg, Borrow, or Steal.
163: Beggar Description, to.
164: Beggars can’t be Choosers.
165: Beginner’s Luck.
166: Beginning of the End, (this is) the.
167: Beg the Question, to.
168: Beg to Differ, I.
169: Behind the Curve.
170: Behind the Eight Ball.
171: Behind the Scenes.
172: Behind the Times.
173: Believe it or not.
174: Believe One’s own Eyes, one cannot.
175: Belle of the Ball, the.
176: Bellow Like a (Wounded) Bull, to.
177: Bells and Whistles.
178: Below the Belt.
179: Be my Guest.
180: Benchwarmer.
181: Bend/Lean Over Backward, to.
182: Bend Someone’s Ear, to.
183: Beneath Contempt.
184: Benefit of the Doubt, to Give/Have the.
185: Bent Out of Shape.
186: Be of/in Two Minds, to.
187: Beside Oneself, to be.
188: Beside the Point.
189: Best Bib and Tucker, One’s.
190: Best/Worst-case Scenario.
191: Best-laid Schemes/Plans, the.
192: Best of a Bad Bargain, to Make the.