Warfare in the Roman Republic: From the Etruscan Wars to the Battle of Actium, 1st Edition

  • Editor: Lee L. Brice
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  • ISBN-10: 1610692993
  • ISBN-13: 9781610692991
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 360 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released January 2015
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The study of ancient Rome remains both a high-interest topic and a staple of high school and university curricula, while recent Hollywood movies continue to heighten popular interest in Rome. This multi-format handbook examines warfare in ancient Rome during the republic period, from approximately 400 BCE to 31 BCE. Presenting ready reference, primary source documents, statistical information, and a chronology, the title explore all aspects of conflict during this time period, including key military leaders, pivotal battles and sieges, new weapons and technologies, and the intersections of warfare and society in the ancient world. The reference entries provide detailed snapshots of key people, events, groups, places, weapons systems, and strategies that enable readers to easily understand the critical issues during 400 years of the Roman Republic, while various overview, causes, and consequences essays offer engaging, in-depth coverage of the most important wars. By providing students with in-depth information about how the Roman Army operated, they develop a fuller understanding Roman, ancient, and world history.



  • Lee L. Brice

Table of Contents

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1: Actium, Battle of.
2: Aemilius Lepidus, Marcus.
3: Aemilius Paullus, Lucius.
4: Allies, Roman.
5: Antonius, Marcus.
6: Arms and Armor, Roman.
7: Artillery.
8: Cannae, Battle of.
9: Carthage.
10: Cassius Longinus, Gaius.
11: Cavalry.
12: Celts.
13: Centurions.
14: Civil War I.
15: Civil War II.
16: Civil War III.
17: Cleopatra VII.
18: Comitia Centuriata.
19: Cornelius Cinna, Lucius.
20: Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus, Publius.
21: Cornelius Scipio Africanus, Publius.
22: Cornelius Sulla Felix, Lucius.
23: Cynoscephalae, Battle of.
24: Decimation.
25: Discipline.
26: Elephants, War.
27: Etruscan Wars.
28: Etruscan Wars, Causes of the.
29: Etruscan Wars, Consequences of the.
30: Evocati.
31: Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, Quintus.
32: Fleet, Roman.
33: Forts.
34: Gallic Wars.
35: Greece.
36: Hannibal.
37: Imperium.
38: Jugurthine War.
39: Julius Caesar, Gaius.
40: Julius Caesar Octavianus, Gaius.
41: Junius Brutus, Marcus.
42: Latin Wars.
43: Legion, Cohort.
44: Legion, Manipular/Polybian.
45: Legionary Commanders.
46: Licinius Crassus, Marcus.
47: Licinius Lucullus, Lucius.
48: Livy.
49: Macedonian Wars.
50: Magnesia, Battle of.
51: Marius, Gaius.
52: Military Decorations.
53: Military Oath.
54: Mithradates VI.
55: Mutiny.
56: Parthian Empire.
57: Pharsalus, Battle of.
58: Philippi, Battle of.
59: Piracy.
60: Plutarch.
61: Polybius.
62: Pompeius Magnus, Gnaeus.
63: Pompeius Magnus, Sextus.
64: Proletarians.
65: Ptolemaic Dynasty.
66: Punic Wars.
67: Punic Wars, Causes of the.
68: Punic Wars, Consequences of the.
69: Pydna, Battle of.
70: Pyrrhic Wars.
71: Quaestor.
72: Quinctius Flamininus, Titus.
73: Rome.
74: Sallust.
75: Samnite Wars.
76: Seleucid Dynasty.
77: Sempronius Gracchus, Gaius.
78: Sempronius Gracchus, Tiberius.
79: Senate.
80: Sertorius, Quintus.
81: Siege.
82: Slaves and Camp Followers.
83: Slave Wars, Sicilian.
84: Social War.
85: Spanish Wars.
86: Spartacus Slave War.
87: Standards.
88: Stipendium.
89: Syracuse.
90: Training.
91: Tribunes, Military.
92: Triumph.
93: Triumvirate, First.
94: Triumvirate, Second.
95: Vipsanius Agrippa, Marcus.
Zama, Battle of.
1. Polybius, Organization of a Manipular Legion.
2. Polybius, Setting Up a Roman Fort.
3. Polybius on Punishments, Rewards, and Pay.
4. Polybius, Treatment of Spoils and Booty.
5. Polybius, Prelude to Cannae, the Battle of the Trebia River.
6. Polybius, the Disaster—Battle of Cannae.
7. Polybius, Roman Siege I, Capture of Carthago Nova.
8. Polybius, Victory at the Battle of Zama.
9. Polybius, Revenge at the Battle of Cynoscephalae.
10. Polybius, Macedonian Phalanx Versus the Roman Legion.
11. Livy, a Centurion’s Long Career.
12. Caesar, Cohort Legion in Combat.
13. Plutarch, Rome Versus Parthia at the Battle of Carrhae.
14. Caesar, Roman Siege II, Capture of Massilia.
15. Caesar, Roman Versus Roman, Battle of Pharsalus.
16. Galba, Roman Versus Roman, Battle of Mutina.
17. Appian, an End of Discipline During Civil War.
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