American Indian History, 1st Edition

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This collection surveys Native American history from ancient times to the twentieth century. Entries cover specific topics and incidents from a Native American perspective, in categories of Pre-Columbian history, Colonial history, Eighteenth century history, Nineteenth century history, Twentieth century history, Court cases and legal decisions, Wars and battles, Reservations and relocation, Organizations, Religion and missionary activities, National government and legislation, Native government, Treaties, and Protest movements.

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1: Aboriginal Action Plan.
Acoma, Battle of.
Adobe Walls, Battles of.
2: Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood.
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
3: Albany Congress.
Alcatraz Island Occupation.
4: All-Pueblo Council.
5: Allotment System.
6: American Indian.
7: American Indian Defense Association.
8: American Indian Higher Education Consortium.
9: American Indian Movement.
10: American Indian Policy Review Commission.
American Indian Religious Freedom Act.
11: Amerind.
Apache Wars.
12: Articles of Agreement.
Bacon's Rebellion.
Bannock War.
13: Bear River Campaign.
Beaver Wars.
14: Bering Strait Migrations.
15: Bison Slaughter.
Black Hawk War.
16: Boarding and Residential Schools.
Bozeman Trail War.
Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Burke Act.
17: California Missions.
Carlisle Indian School.
Cayuse War.
18: Cherokee Legal Cases.
19: Cherokee Phoenix.
20: Cherokee Tobacco Case.
Cherokee War.
Civil War.
21: Code of Handsome Lake.
22: Code Talkers.
Colliflower v. Garland.
23: Council of Energy Resource Tribes.
Creek War.
Dancing Rabbit Creek, Treaty of.
24: Declaration of First Nations.
Delgamuukw v. British Columbia.
25: Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
26: Determined Residents United for Mohawk Sovereignty.
Duro v. Reina.
Elk v. Wilkins.
Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of the State of Oregon et al. v. Smith.
27: Epidemics and Diseases.
28: Ex Parte Crow Dog.
Fallen Timbers, Battle of.
29: Federally Recognized Tribes.
30: Fifteen Principles.
31: Fish-ins.
Fort Atkinson Treaty.
Fort Greenville Treaty.
Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851.
Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868.
Fort Mims, Battle of.
Fort Stanwix Treaty.
Fort Wayne Treaty.
Fox Wars.
French and Indian War.
32: Friends of the Indian Organizations.
33: Fur Trade.
34: Gadsden Purchase.
General Allotment Act.
Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty of.
Horseshoe Bend Treaty.
35: Indian.
Indian Act of 1876.
Indian Act of 1951.
Indian Act of 1989.
Indian Appropriation Act.
Indian Child Welfare Act.
Indian Citizenship Act.
Indian Civil Rights Act.
36: Indian Claims Commission.
Indian Education Acts.
Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
37: Indian Health Service.
38: Indian New Deal.
Indian Offenses Act.
39: Indian Preference.
Indian Removal Act.
Indian Reorganization Act.
40: Indian Rights Association.
Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act.
41: Indian Slave Trade.
42: Indian Trust Fund Lawsuits.
43: Indian-White Relations: Canadian.
44: Indian-White Relations: Dutch Colonial.
45: Indian-White Relations: English Colonial.
46: Indian-White Relations: French Colonial.
47: Indian-White Relations: Norse.
48: Indian-White Relations: Russian Colonial.
49: Indian-White Relations: Spanish Colonial.
50: Indian-White Relations: Swedish Colonial.
51: Indian-White Relations: U.S., 1775–1830.
52: Indian-White Relations: U.S., 1831–1870.
53: Indian-White Relations: U.S., 1871–1933.
54: Indian-White Relations: U.S., 1934–2002.
55: International Indian Treaty Council.
56: Irish Potato Famine.
57: Iroquois Confederacy.
58: Iroquois Confederacy-U.S. Congress Meeting.
Jay's Treaty.
59: Keeler Commission.
60: Keetoowah Society.
61: Kennedy Report.
62: Kennewick Man Controversy.
63: Kickapoo Resistance.
Kickapoo Uprisings.
64: Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Little Bighorn, Battle of the.
Little Turtle's War.
Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock.
65: Long Walk.
66: Longest Walk.
Lord Dunmore's War.
Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association.
Maine Indian Claims Act.
Major Crimes Act.
67: Manhattan Island Purchase.
Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty.
68: Meech Lake Accord.
Menominee Restoration Act.
69: Meriam Report.
Metacom's War.
Minnesota Uprising.
Modoc War.
Natchez Revolt.
70: National Congress of American Indians.
71: National Council of American Indians.
72: National Indian Association.
73: National Indian Education Association.
74: National Indian Youth Council.
75: Native American.
Native American Church v. Navajo Tribal Council.
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.
76: Native American Rights Fund.
Navajo-Hopi Land Settlement Act.
Navajo Rehabilitation Act.
Navajo War.
Nez Perce War.
77: Nisga'a Agreement in Principle.
78: Northwest Ordinance.
79: Nunavut Territory.
80: Oka Crisis.
Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act.
Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe.