Guide To US Government Publications 2021, 2021 Edition

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This comprehensive yet concise annotated reference source catalogs the important series, periodicals and reference tools published by U.S. government agencies. Over the years, the index section of the Guide to U.S. Government Publications has expanded to include more than 42,650 entries. Agencies and titles are indexed, followed by a keyword-in-title index for quick and easy referencing. No other single resource provides historical and current information on U.S. government publications in one place. Guide to U.S. Government Publications, also includes agency class chronologies providing complete histories of current class number assignments allowing researchers to track changes in older serials. Forty years since its inception, the Guide to U.S. Government Publications has become a standard reference source in federal document collections, featuring: SuDocs class number, depository item numbers, title, beginning and closing dates, frequency, select annotations, title changes, class number references to earlier and later classes, and ISSN for periodicals. Complete listing of the Superintendent of Documents Classifications Scheme outlining the basics of the U.S. government’s complex document system. Alphabetical indexes by agency and title. 500 page keyword title index.

Features and Benefits

  • Arrangement by SuDoc number; Cross-References that allow user to easily find a publication or periodical that has changed its name; Agency Class Chronology giving a complete history of current classification number assignments to track changes of older serials; Agency, Title, and Keyword in Title Indexes provide quick access to the agency-classified listings; Practical Guide to the classification system.

What's New

  • Up-to-date additions and changes to series, periodicals, and reference tools published by U.S. government agencies.
  • Agency Chronology and Agency, Title, and Keyword Indexes updated to reflect additions and changes in government documents.

Table of Contents

User Guide.
Department of Agriculture.
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
National Archives
Broadcasting Board of Governors.
Department of Commerce.
Civil Aeronautics Authority.
Civil Aeronautics Board.
Federal Communications Commission.
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
Civil Service Commission.
Community Services Administration.
Canal Zone Government.
Department of Defense.
Defense Materials Procurement Agency.
Defense Production Administration.
Department of Energy.
Bureau of Efficiency.
Employees’ Compensation Commission.
Department of Education.
Environmental Protection Agency.
Energy Research and Development Administration.
Economic Stabilization Agency.
Commission of Fine Arts.
Federal Aviation Agency.
Fish and Fisheries Commission.
Farm Credit Administration.
Federal Civil Defense Administration.
Federal Energy Administration.
Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Federal Farm Board.
Federal Housing Finance Board.
Federal Home Loan Bank Board.
Federal Interdepartmental Safety Council.
Federal Loan Agency.
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
Federal Maritime Commission.
Foreign Operations Administration.
Federal Power Commission.
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Federal Reserve System Board of Governors.
Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company.
Federal Trade Commission.
Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
Federal Works Agency.
Government Accountability Office.
United States Board on Geographic Names.
Government Printing Office.
General Supply Committee.
General Services Administration.
Department of Health and Human Services.
Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Department of Homeland Security.
Department of the Interior.
United States Information Agency.
Interstate Commerce Commission.
International Communication Agency.
U.S. Agency for International Development.
United States International Trade Commission.
Department of Justice.
Circuit Courts.
Department of Labor.
Bureau of Labor.
National Labor Relations Board.
National Military Establishment.
Board of Mediation.
Maritime Commission.
Board of Mediation and Conciliation.
Maritime Labor Board.
Merit Systems Protection Board.
Institute of Museum Services.
Department of the Navy.
The National Academies.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
National Capital Park and Planning Commission.
National Credit Union Administration.
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities.
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers National Housing Agency.
National Mediation Board.
National Munitions Control Board.
National Science Foundation.
Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
United States Postal Service.
Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital.
Personnel Classification Board.
Peace Corps.
Press Intelligence Division for the U.S. Government.
Office of Personnel Management.
President of the United States.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Harry S Truman.
Dwight D. Eisenhower.
John F. Kennedy.
Lyndon B. Johnson.
Richard M. Nixon.
Gerald R. Ford.
Jimmy Carter.
Ronald Reagan.
George H. Bush.
William J. Clinton.
George W. Bush.
Barack H. Obama.
Executive Office of the President.
Vice President of the United States.
George H. Bush.
Dan Quayle.
Albert Gore.
Richard Cheney.
Joseph Biden.
Postal Savings System.
National Railroad Adjustment Board.
Reserve Bank Organization Committee.
Federal Radio Commission.
Railroad Labor Board.
Renegotiation Board.
Railroad Retirement Board.
Department of State.
Shipping Board.
Small Business Administration.
Small Defense Plants Administration.
Securities and Exchange Commission.
Smithsonian Institution.
Social Security Board.
Social Security Administration.
Department of the Treasury.
International Trade Commission.
Department of Transportation.
U.S. Trade and Development Agency.
Department of Veterans Affairs.
Veterans Bureau.
Federal Board for Vocational Education.
Department of War.
War Trade Board.
Agencies Established by Congress.
Committees of Congress.
Memorial Addresses.
Congressional Budget Office.
Office of Compliance.
Colonial Documents.
Agency Class Chronology.
Agency Index.
Title Index.
Keyword in Title Index.