Federated Press Records: American Labor Journalism in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Series 2 and 3

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Filmed from the holdings of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Columbia University in the City of New York

The Federated Press, an independent news service, served the labor press from the post-World War I years until the height of the Cold War. The mission of its founders was to counter the anti-labor bias of commercial presses.

Series 2: Biographical Files
The "Biographical Files" feature news stories on major figures in the labor movement, industry, politics, government, and other related areas who played prominent roles in labor-related issues from 1920 to 1956. From labor leaders like Walter Reuther to detractors like Senator Joseph McCarthy, from President Franklin Roosevelt to Senator Robert A. Taft, coauthor of the Taft-Hartley Act, these news stories add a personal dimension to labor issues and events of the period and show the progression of an issue through the leadership initiatives of the key players. The news stories in the "Biographical Files" do not duplicate the "Chronological Files" or the "Subject Files".

Series 3: Chronological Files, 1920-1940
The "Chronological Files" allow scholars to trace labor-related issues in any given slice of time. These stories, filed from April 1920 through June 1940, provide an invaluable record of labor issues and events through the turbulent formative years of labor unionizing. Organized by year, month, and day, the "Chronological Files" enable researchers to follow the developing story of an event or issue through the news releases over a period of weeks or months, capturing both its drama and the nuances in its ebb and flow. Together with the "Subject Files," which cover the years 1940-1956, the "Chronological Files" provide a comprehensive record of labor issues throughout the existence of the Federated Press.

Series 2, Biographical Files, 35 reels
Series 3, Chronological Files, 27 reels