Incunabula: The Printing Revolution in Europe, 1455-1500: Units 68 and 69: Printing in Dutch

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Introduction and selection: Professor Ad Putter, (Department of English, University of Bristol )

These fiches make available more than 180 incunables from the Low Countries. They represent the work of numerous printers including Gerard Leeu, Van Homberch, Govaert Bac, Johan Veldener, and Jacob Bellaert. The selection includes the earliest examples of printing in Dutch, famous masterpieces of medieval Dutch poetry and drama, such as Elckerlyk, Karel ende Elegast, Reynaert, and many examples of the flowering of religious prose inspired by the Modern Devotion and Rhineland spirituality. Ranging from chronicles to prognostications, from chivalric romances to mystical works, from legal and medical treatises to saints' lives, and from fable collections to encyclopedias, this selection provides a unique insight into the fascinating books and the cultural life of the Low Countries.

Unit 68: 297 fiche, 82 titles
Unit 69: 334 fiche, 99 titles


"An exceptional tool available to booksellers, scholars, and other specialists of early printing." -- AB Bookmans Weekly

— AB Bookmans Weekly