World War II, 1st Edition

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  • Original Copyright 2005 | Published/Released November 2009
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Covers the key political and military events of World War II as well as the causes and aftermath of the war. Examines many aspects of the war; from the historical and political backdrop of the period to military tactics and strategies to new technologies. Photographs that appear in the print version of this title are excluded from the ebook version due to copyright restrictions.

While Gale strives to replicate print content, some content may not be available in the eBook version due to rights restrictions. Call your Sales Rep for details.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Set Contents.
Map Key.
Maps and Diagrams.
1: Legacies of World War I.
2: The Global Perspective.
3: The Treaty of Versailles.
4: Germany’s Reparations Burden.
5: The League of Nations.
6: War-Torn Europe.
7: America: The World’s Powerhouse.
8: The New Nations of Eastern Europe.
9: Turkey and Greece.
10: The Balkans.
11: Japan.
12: Europe’s Colonies.
13: Europe in the 1920s.
14: Searching for National Security.
15: Rebuilding France.
16: Britain: A Declining Power.
17: Communist Russia.
18: Communism and the Democracies.
19: Fascism in Italy.
20: Germany’s Weimar Republic.
21: The Stresemann Years.
22: The Nazis: From Street Fighting to Politics.
23: The 1928 Elections and the Young Plan.
24: The United States between the Wars.
25: A Return to Isolationism.
26: The Business of America is Business.
27: From Boom to Bust.
28: Black Tuesday.
29: The Great Depression.
30: Roosevelt and the New Deal.
31: Building Nazi Germany.
32: Germany’s Economic Collapse.
33: The 1930 Election.
34: Hitler Demands Power.
35: The 1932 Election.
36: Hitler Becomes Chancellor.
37: 1933: The End of German Democracy.
38: Nazi State Terror.
39: Building a Greater Germany.
40: German Rearmament.
41: Asia Between the Wars.
42: The British Raj.
43: Indonesia.
44: Life in the Philippines.
45: Civil War in China.
46: Japanese Ambition.
47: The Sino-Japanese War.
48: The United States in the Pacific.
49: U.S.–Japanese Friction.
50: Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America Between the Wars.
51: Colonialism in Practice.
52: South Africa and the ANC.
53: The Middle East.
54: British Mandate in Palestine.
55: British Mandate in Iraq.
56: French Mandate in Syria.
57: French Mandate in Lebanon.
58: Creation of the Turkish Republic.
59: The British in Egypt.
60: Latin America.
61: Economic Collapse.
62: The Vargas Reforms in Brazil.
63: The Chaco War.
64: Europe in the 1930s.
65: The Great Depression.
66: Britain.
67: Authoritarianism and Popular Fronts.
68: Corporatism in Italy.
69: The Spanish Civil War.
70: The Soviet Union Under Stalin.
71: Dealing with Germany.
72: Europe in Crisis, 1938–1939.
73: The Annexation of Austria.
74: The Czech–German Crisis.
75: The Munich Agreement.
76: The German Takeover of Bohemia and Moravia.
77: After Munich: Franco–German Pact and Franco–Italian Crisis.
78: Italy Invades Albania.
79: Danzig and the Polish Corridor.
80: Guaranteeing Poland’s Integrity.
81: The German–Soviet Pact.
82: The Gleiwitz Incident: Pretext for War.
83: Germany’s Blitzkrieg Victories, 1939–1940.
84: The Conquest of Poland.
85: The Phony War.
86: Denmark and Norway Overrun.
87: Belgium and the Netherlands Fall.
88: The Invasion of France.
89: Evacuation at Dunkirk.
90: The Fall of France.
91: Italy’s Failed Attacks.
92: French Humiliation at Compiègne.
93: The Isolation of Britain, 1940–1941.
94: German Plans for Invasion.
95: The Battle of Britain.
96: Hitler Turns to the East.
97: Hess’s Bizarre Mission.
98: Attacks on Vichy France.
99: Britain’s Commando Raids.
100: Churchill’s Search for Aid and Allies.
101: The Mediterranean, Africa, and the Middle East, 1940–1941.
102: Italy’s North African Offensive.
103: Wavell’s Counterattack.
104: East Africa and the Mediterranean.
105: The Italian Collapse in East Africa.
106: British Crisis in the Mediterranean.
107: Rommel and the Afrika Korps.
108: Tobruk and British Relief Efforts.
109: The Balkans in Flames, 1940–1941.
110: Italy’s Greek Adventure Fails.
111: Allied and Axis Intervention.
112: The Fall of Greece and Yugoslavia.
113: The Airborne Battle for Crete.
114: The Eastern European Front, 1939–1941.
115: The Russo-Finnish War.
116: Buildup to Germany’s Invasion.
117: Battles of Encirclement.
118: Operation Typhoon: Drive on Moscow.
119: Russia’s Winter Counterstroke.
120: The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1941.
121: Early U-Boat Successes.
122: Establishment of the Convoy System.
123: The War Against Germany’s Surface Raiders.
124: Wolf Packs and the “Happy Time”.
125: Enigma Breakthrough.
126: Sinking the Bismarck.
127: The U.S. and Canadian Role.
128: The Air War Over Europe, 1939-1941.
129: Air Power, 1918-1939.
130: Britain’s Bomber Command.
131: Britain’s Daylight Raids Fail.
132: British Night Bombing.
133: “Pure” Strategic Bombing.
134: The Blitz on Britain.
135: From Peace to War in the United States.
136: U.S. Foreign Policy: Pressures on Neutrality.
137: Lifting the Arms Embargo.
138: Destroyers for Bases.
139: The America First Committee.
140: The Lend-Lease Act.
141: United States Involvement Grows.
142: Growing Tensions with Japan.
143: Pearl Harbor: The “Day of Infamy”.