Shakespearean Criticism: Excerpts from the Criticism of William Shakespeare's Plays & Poetry, from the First Published Appraisals to Current Evaluations

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Shakespearean Criticism provides students, educators, theatergoers, and other interested readers with valuable insights into Shakespeare's drama and poetry. Clear, accessible introductory essays followed by carefully selected critical responses allow endusers to engage with a variety of scholarly views and critical conversations about Shakespeare's works as literature and in performance. Each entry includes a set of previously published reviews, essays and other critical responses from sources that include scholarly books and journals, literary magazines, interviews, letters and diaries, carefully selected to create a representative history and cross-section of critical responses. Indexes to characters and major themes help students develop paper topics and locate suitable research materials. Students and teachers at all levels of study will benefit from this series, whether they seek information for class discussion and writing assignments, new perspectives on the works, or the most noteworthy analyses of Shakespeare's legacy.

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Shakespearean Criticism Series

This detailed series provides comprehensive coverage of critical interpretations of the plays of Shakespeare. Volumes one through ten present critical overviews of each play and feature criticism from the 17th century to the present. Volumes 11-26 focus on the history of Shakespeare's plays on the stage and in important film adaptations. Volumes 27-56 focus on criticism published after 1960 and provide readers with thematic approaches to Shakespeare's works. Starting with Vol. 57, the series provides general criticism published since 1990 and historical criticism not featured in previous volumes on four to five plays or works per volume. Beginning with Vol. 60, the series replaced its annual compilation of essays representing the year's most noteworthy Shakespearean scholarship with topical entries, comprised of essays that analyze various topics or themes found within Shakespeare's works. Approximately 90%-95% of critical essays are full text. Each volume includes a cumulative character index, a topic index, and a topic index arranged by play title.

Features and Benefits

  • Entries included in this volume: Antony and Cleopatra, Love's Labour's Lost, Macbeth, and Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.
  • Topic index.
  • Topic index arranged by play title.

What's New

  • Cumulative character index.


"Provides a convenient introduction for beginning students and as such is recommended for high school, public and college libraries." -- Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

— Booklist

Table of Contents

SC Contents, by Volume.
Literary Criticism Series Advisory Board.
Antony and Cleopatra.
Overviews and General Studies.
Production Reviews.
Further Reading.
Love's Labour's Lost.
Overviews and General Studies.
Production Reviews.
Further Reading.
Overviews and General Studies.
Production Reviews.
Further Reading.
Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.
Overviews and General Studies.
Artistic Influence or Rivalry.
Comparisons of Dramatic Technique.
Comparisons of Artistic Style.
Further Reading.
Cumulative Character Index.
Cumulative Topic Index.
Cumulative Topic Index, by Play.