Great Lives from History: Inventors and Inventions, 1st Edition

  • Alvin K. Benson
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  • ISBN-10: 1587655292
  • ISBN-13: 9781587655296
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 1600 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2010 | Published/Released February 2010
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2010

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Great Lives from History: Inventors and Inventions features 409 essays covering 413 individual inventors (including 27 women) from all time, worldwide. All essays were written specifically for this new publication. The editors have included in this set those inventors recognized for shaping modern technology and the way we live today - coverage that is essential in any liberal arts curriculum. The editor's criteria for including these individuals in this publication took into account their fame as inventors, the significance of their inventions, the amount of time they spent inventing, their representation of world inventors, their relevance to class curricula, and their interest to high school, undergraduate, and general readers. For purposes of this publication, the term "invention" was defined to include not only mechanical and other physical devices but also processes (e.g., the Bessemer process for making steel), software (such as Grace Hopper's invention of COBOL), and systems such as those applied to business management. Pure scientific theories (such as laws of physics) were excluded, although rare exceptions were made for such systems and tools that have had an comprehensive influence on our way of interacting with the world, such as Aristotle's invention of the first system of biological taxonomy, Newton's creation of the calculus, and Einstein's theories of relativity.

Table of Contents

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Publisher's Note.
Editor's Introduction.
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List of Inventions.
1: ‘Abbas ibn Firnas.
2: Edward Goodrich Acheson.
3: George Biddell Airy.
4: George Edward Alcorn.
5: Ernst Alexanderson.
6: Luis W. Álvarez.
7: Marc Andreessen.
8: Archimedes.
9: Aristotle.
10: Sir Richard Arkwright.
11: Edwin H. Armstrong.
12: Arthur James Arnot.
13: John Vincent Atanasoff.
14: Hertha Marks Ayrton.
15: Charles Babbage.
16: Roger Bacon.
17: Leo Hendrik Baekeland.
18: Alexander Bain.
19: Benjamin Banneker.
20: John Bardeen.
21: Patricia Bath.
22: Andrew Jackson Beard.
23: J. Georg Bednorz.
24: Semi Joseph Begun.
25: Georg von Békésy.
26: Alexander Graham Bell.
27: Carl Benz.
28: Friedrich Bergius.
29: Emile Berliner.
30: Tim Berners-Lee.
31: Clifford Berry.
32: Sir Henry Bessemer.
33: Edwin Binney.
34: Gerd Binnig.
35: Clarence Birdseye.
36: Katharine Burr Blodgett.
37: Marie Anne Victoire Boivin.
38: H. Cecil Booth.
39: Carl Bosch.
40: Walther Bothe.
41: Herbert Wayne Boyer.
42: Otis Boykin.
43: Willard S. Boyle.
44: Louis Braille.
45: Giovanni Branca.
46: Jacques Edwin Brandenberger.
47: Walter H. Brattain.
48: Karl Ferdinand Braun.
49: Wernher von Braun.
50: John Moses Browning.
51: William Bullock.
52: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen.
53: Luther Burbank.
54: William Seward Burroughs.
55: David Bushnell.
56: Nolan K. Bushnell.
57: Cai Lun.
58: Robert Cailliau.
59: John Campbell.
60: Marvin Camras.
61: Chester F. Carlson.
62: Wallace Hume Carothers.
63: Willis Carrier.
64: George R. Carruthers.
65: Edmund Cartwright.
66: George Washington Carver.
67: George Cayley.
68: Vinton Gray Cerf.
69: Georges Claude.
70: Josephine Garis Cochran.
71: Sir Christopher Cockerell.
72: Stanley Norman Cohen.
73: Samuel Colt.
74: William Fothergill Cooke.
75: William David Coolidge.
76: Martin Cooper.
77: Peter Cooper.
78: Martha J. Coston.
79: Frederick Gardner Cottrell.
80: Jacques Cousteau.
81: Joshua Lionel Cowen.
82: Seymour Cray.
83: Bartolomeo Cristofori.
84: Sir William Crookes.
85: Caresse Crosby.
86: Ctesibius of Alexandria.
87: Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.
88: Glenn H. Curtiss.
89: Louis Jacques Daguerre.
90: Gottlieb Daimler.
91: Nils Gustaf Dalén.
92: Raymond Damadian.
93: Abraham Darby.
94: Sir Humphry Davy.
95: Mark Dean.
96: John Deere.
97: Lee De Forest.
98: Sir James Dewar.
99: Rudolf Diesel.
100: Walt Disney.
101: Carl Djerassi.
102: Herbert Henry Dow.
103: Charles Stark Draper.
104: Charles Richard Drew.
105: Richard G. Drew.
106: John Boyd Dunlop.
107: George Eastman.
108: John Presper Eckert.
109: Harold E. Edgerton.
110: Thomas Alva Edison.
111: Albert Einstein.
112: Willem Einthoven.
113: Gertrude Belle Elion.
114: Philip Emeagwali.