Introduction to Biology, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 6th Grade - 12th Grade
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Countless biological processes enable the existence of all organisms and facilitate their interactions with the living and nonliving world around them. The microscopic structures and intricate mechanisms that make up these processes—from those that regulate the heartbeat of a child to those that govern photosynthesis in a plant—illuminate much about the past and future of all life. By examining the biological basis of various life forms and their characteristic behavioral patterns, these comprehensive volumes illuminate the magnificent organization of the natural world.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Bacteria, Algae, and Protozoa  (ISBN-10: 161530584X | ISBN-13: 9781615305841)

Bacteria, algae, and protozoa—microorganisms that are easily overlooked in our daily lives—can be found in a wide variety of locations and serve innumerable ecological purposes. While some such organisms have been associated with disease, they have also been invaluable in agriculture and in the production of certain foods, medicines, and other necessities. This informative volume examines the properties and uses of these powerful and essential life forms. Graphic organizers and detailed images bring the miniscule details of these entities to the forefront.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Biology, Microbiology, and the Cell  (ISBN-10: 1615305637 | ISBN-13: 9781615305636)

Formalizing study of the natural world may seem like a daunting task considering the sheer breadth and variety of living things that inhabit the planet. From the microscopic organisms in the world's most remote locations to those in the human body, evidence of the intricate structures and mechanisms that enable life are ubiquitous and new discoveries constantly reveal new possibilities that demand to be examined. This volume surveys the multitude of subjects that comprise the field of biology and includes an overview of the development of biology, microbiology, and cell theory.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Genes and Genetic Engineering  (ISBN-10: 1615305769 | ISBN-13: 9781615305766)

Although we often search social and historical documents for clues to our past, biological “documents” perhaps hold the most important evidence of our heritage. The traits we inherit from our parents and pass on to our offspring are encoded in our genes and DNA and reveal much about both our origins and our future. This volume examines the fascinating biology behind genetics and genetic disorders. It also carefully considers the principles of gene manipulation and genetic engineering whose potential to revolutionize medicine, industry, and agriculture is becoming increasingly evident with every new discovery.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Living Things  (ISBN-10: 1615305831 | ISBN-13: 9781615305834)

Life comes in all shapes and forms, and living entities dwell in all types of habitats. There are seven characteristics that all life forms share—the ability to move, to sense, to respire, to consume nutrition, to grow, to reproduce, and to excrete waste matter. Complete with annotated illustrations that clarify complex structures and life processes, this volume surveys the parts, characteristics, and classifications of various living things and explores the evolution of life in general.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Plant Classifications, Parts, and Uses  (ISBN-10: 1615305785 | ISBN-13: 9781615305780)

For many of us, plants herald the change of seasons, represent the promise of nourishment, or serve as stunning visual reminders of Earth's natural beauty. As vital components of nearly every ecosystem on the planet, plants play a fundamental ecological role in the lives of most organisms for their utility in food and clothing production, fuel, shelter, and a host of other activities. Complete with images and diagrams depicting the parts and growth stages of plants, this volume clarifies what defines a plant and introduces readers to the structures of various plants as well as their complex roles within our environment.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at Plant Reproduction, Growth, and Ecology  (ISBN-10: 1615305793 | ISBN-13: 9781615305797)

The life cycle of a plant can be truly remarkable to observe, and the energy of plant life can be truly mystifying; consider how certain environments are inhospitable to life, yet they're sprinkled with various forms of vegetation. Plant reproduction can occur asexually or sexually; the method of reproduction sets the stage for the plant's growth and maturity. This flourishing volume examines the processes of plant reproduction and the stages of plant life, while also spotlighting the role of plants in various ecological settings.

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Introduction to Biology: A Closer Look at the Animal Kingdom  (ISBN-10: 1615305807 | ISBN-13: 9781615305803)

Distinguished by their highly developed mental faculties and their capacity for reason, humans are often said to reign sovereign in the animal kingdom. With their complex interactions, intricate social structures, and extensive range of displayed emotions, however, all creatures can be said to contribute uniquely to the planet and to the subsistence of all other beings. This colorful volume surveys the various members of the animal kingdom and the habits, behaviors, and physical characteristics that unite and distinguish all animals.

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