Symmetries And Groups In Contemporary Physics: Proceedings Of The XXIX International Colloquium On Group-Theoretical Methods In Physics, 1st Edition

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This volume focuses on developments in the field of group theory in its broadest sense and is of interest to theoretical and experimental physicists, mathematicians, and scientists in related disciplines who are interested in the latest methods and applications. In an increasingly ultra-specialized world, this volume will demonstrate the interchange of ideas and methods in theoretical and mathematical physics.

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XXIXth International Colloquium on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics.
ICGTMP Standing Committee.
1: Opening Address.
2: The Wigner Medal.
3: Wigner Medal.
4: The Wigner Medal at the Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China.
5: Laudatio for the 2012 Wigner Medalist.
6: Wigner Medal Acceptance.
7: The Hermann Weyl Prize.
8: Hermann Weyl Prize.
9: Presentation of the 2012 Weyl Prize Awardee: Razvan Gurau.
10: Plenary Session.
11: The Surprising Connection between Exactly Solved Lattice Models and Discrete Holomorphicity.
12: Quantum Computing: A Quantum Group Approach.
13: Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum Information.
14: The Tensor Track: An Update.
15: Towards the Origin?.
16: Gauge Potential and Permutation Symmetry for Molecular Systems with Identical Nuclei.
17: A Review of the Large N Limit of Tensor Models.
18: Aspects of Integrable Defects.
19: Dynamical Symmetries and Algebraic Methods in Nuclear Structure Physics.
20: An Overview of Coherent States and Coherent State Quantization.
21: Parallel Sessions.
22: Parallel Session: Nonlinear Sciences.
23: Exactly Solvable BCS-BEC Crossover Hamiltonians.
24: Nonlinear Wave Dynamics of the Transport Process on Nonlinear Lattices.
25: Parallel Session: Quantum Algebras.
26: Positive Representations of Split Real Quantum Groups.
27: A Solution of the 3D Reflection Equation from Quantized Algebra of Functions of Type B.
28: Disuccessors and Duplicators of Operads, Manin Products and Operators.
29: Novel Tensor Network Renormalization Group Approaches for Quantum Lattice Models.
30: On Explicit Free Field Representations of Current (Super) Algebras.
31: Parallel Session: Superintegrable Hamiltonians.
32: Superintegrable Quantum Oscillator and Kepler-Coulomb Systems on Curved Spaces.
33: A Finite Model of the Oscillator in Two-Dimensions with SU(2) Symmetry.
34: Structure Theory for Extended Kepler–Coulomb 3D Quantum Superintegrable Systems.
35: Parallel Session: Applications in Biology.
36: On the Ion-Mediated Interaction between Protein and DNA.
37: How to Identify Laterally Transferred Genes?.
38: Patch Sir Models on the K-Regular Graph.
39: Parallel Session: Quantum Information and Representation Theory.
40: Confusability Graphs for Symmetric Sets of Quantum States.
41: Fourier Analytic Approach to Estimation of Unknown Action of Non-Commutative Group.
42: Parallel Session: Finite Quantum Systems and Combinatorial Physics.
43: Generalized Binomial Distributions.
44: Quantum Dynamics of Finite Level Systems – Markovianity Criteria.
45: A Measure Free Approach to Coherent States Refined.
46: The Z3-Generalization of Pauli's Principle and a Cubic Dirac Equation for Quarks.
47: Phase States and Coherent States for Generalized Weyl-Heisenberg Algebras.
48: Quantum States Arising from the Pauli Groups: Symmetries and Paradoxes.
49: Finite Oscillator Models Described by the Lie Superalgebra Sl(2