The War on Poverty and the Office of Economic Opportunity: Part III: Administration of Antipoverty Programs and Civil Rights, 1964-1967

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In many ways, the grand ambitions that characterized LBJ's War on Poverty mirrored those of the civil rights movement. Federal antipoverty officials took their cues from contemporary civil rights leaders and often sought to emulate their work. Moreover, many civil rights leaders themselves viewed their own efforts to combat racial inequality as inextricably linked to a broader struggle for increased economic opportunity.

This new publication brings together three series of Office of Economic Opportunity records that highlight efforts to meld the issues of civil rights and antipoverty initiatives.

Alphabetical File of Samuel Yette, Special Assistant to the Director of Civil Rights, 1964-1966 .

The Program Files consist of correspondence, weekly reports on civil rights matters, reports by civil rights coordinators, equal employment guidelines, program compliance procedures, reports of civil rights violations, civil rights policy directives, press releases, and publications that pertain to the civil rights aspects of programs such as Job Corps, Neighborhood Youth Corps, and VISTA.

Records Relating to the Administration of the Civil Rights Program in the Regions, 1965-1966 consists of records arranged by region and there under by state and by local areas and cities; includes correspondence with regional coordinators, civil rights groups, labor organizations, members of Congress, and community groups regarding the activities of the Office of Economic Opportunity.

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