Intelligent Computing, Networking, and Informatics, 1st Edition

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This book is composed of the Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics (ICACNI 2013), held at Central Institute of Technology, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India during June 14–16, 2013. The book records current research articles in the domain of computing, networking, and informatics. The book presents original research articles, case-studies, as well as review articles in the said field of study with emphasis on their implementation and practical application. Researchers, academicians, practitioners, and industry policy makers around the globe have contributed towards formation of this book with their valuable research submissions.

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1: Image and Template Security for Palmprint.
2: Extending Network Lifetime by Time-Constrained Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.
3: The Complex Network Analysis of Power Grid: A Case Study of the West Bengal Power Network.
4: Comparison and Analysis of Node Deployment for Efficient Coverage in Sensor Network.
5: Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols for VANETs with Real Vehicular Traces.
6: A Bluetooth-Based Autonomous Mining System.
7: Transistor Representation of a Low-Power Reversible 32-Bit Comparator.
8: Performance Enhancement of Brillouin Distributed Temperature Sensor Using Optimized Fiber.
9: To Study the Architectural Designs of a Proposed Comprehensive Software Extractor for Reengineering Tool: A Literature Survey.
10: Detection of Web-Based Attacks by Analyzing Web Server Log Files.
11: A Survey of Energy-Aware Routing Protocols and Mechanisms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
12: Lexical Ontology-Based Computational Model to Find Semantic Similarity.
13: Energy-Efficient Cluster-Based Aggregation Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.
14: Digital Watermarking Based on Magic Square and Ridgelet Transform Techniques.
15: Circle of Trust: One-Hop-Trust-Based Security Paradigm for Resource- Constraint MANET.
16: Design of a Biometric Security System Using Support Vector Machine Classifier.
17: Impact of Distance Measures on the Performance of Clustering Algorithms.
18: Gender Identification Using Gait Biometrics.
19: A Survey on Business Context.
20: Enhanced Caching for Geocast Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network.
21: Cooperation Enforcement and Collaboration Inducement in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
22: Uncoupling of Mobile Cloud Computing Services: An Architectural Perspective.
23: Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform-Based Image Denoising in Ultrasound Images Using Elliptical Directional Windows and Block-Based Noise Estimation.
24: Marathi Parts-of-Speech Tagger Using Supervised Learning.
25: Design and Evaluation of N-Module Reconfigurable Systems.
26: Genre-Based Classification of Song Using Perceptual Features.
27: Novel Distributed Dual Beamforming for Randomly Distributed Sensor by Phase Tracking Using Bilateral Probability Function.
28: Electrical Network Modeling of Amino Acid String and Its Application in Cancer Cell Prediction.
29: Generation of AES-like 8-bit Random S-Box and Comparative Study on Randomness of Corresponding Ciphertexts with Other 8-bit AES S-Boxes.
30: BCube-IP: BCube with IP Address Hierarchy.
31: Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Color Histogram and Fuzzy String Matching: A Correlation-Based Scheme to Reduce the Semantic Gap.
32: A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Lifetime and Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Network.
33: Evaluation of English-to-Urdu Machine Translation.
34: A Novel Edge Detection Technique for Multi-Focus Images Using Image Fusion.
35: Event Detection Refinement Using External Tags for Flickr Collections.
36: Proposed Threshold Based Certificate Revocation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
37: “Bin SDR”: Effective Algorithm for Wireless Sensor-Actor Network.
38: An Elliptic-Curve-Based Hierarchical Cluster Key Management in Wireless Sensor Network.
39: Probabilistic Approach-Based Congestion-Aware Swarm-Inspired Load-Balancing Multipath Data Routing in MANETs.
40: Integration of Eco-Friendly POF-Based Splitter and Optical Filter for Low-Cost WDM Network Solutions.
41: Sensor Cloud: The Scalable Architecture for Future Generation Computing.
42: Partial Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae Subset.
43: Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Adequate Test Data Generation.
44: ISA: An Intelligent Search Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Networks.
45: Modified Graph-Cut Algorithm with Adaptive Shape Prior.
46: Analysis on Optimization of Energy Consumption in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
47: Accuracy of Atomic Transaction Scenario for Heterogeneous Distributed Column-Oriented Databases.
48: Implantable CPW-fed Double-Crossed-Type Triangular Slot Antenna for ISM Band.
49: Training a Feed-Forward Neural Network Using Artificial Bee Colony with Back-Propagation Algorithm.
50: Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller.
51: Performance Estimation of Fuzzy Logic-Based Mobile Relay Nodes in Dense Multihop Cellular Networks.
52: Local Binary Pattern as a Texture Feature Descriptor in Object Tracking Algorithm.
53: A Sensor-Based Technique for Speed Invariant Human Gait Classification.
54: High-Speed 100 Gbps/Channel DWDM System Design and Simulation.
55: Performance Analysis of Contention- Based Ranging Mechanism for Idle-Mode Mobility.
56: A Novel Approach to Face Detection Using Advanced Support Vector Machine.
57: Concept Based Clustering of Documents with Missing Semantic Information.
58: Theoretical Validation of New Class Cohesion Metric Against Briand Properties.
59: RF-SEA-Based Feature Selection for Data Classification in Medical Domain.
60: Optimizing Delay for MAC in Randomly Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks.
61: An Ontology-Based Software Development Environment Using Upgraded Functionalities of Clojure.
62: Using a Cluster for Efficient Scalability Evaluation of Multithreaded and Event-Driven Web Servers.
63: An Overview of Detection Techniques for Metamorphic Malware.
64: Temporal Forensics of MPEG Video Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine.
65: Securing the Root Through SELinux.
66: Automatic Ontology Extraction from Heterogeneous Documents for E-Learning Applications.
67: An Appraisal of Service-Based Virtual Networks and Virtualization Tools Paves the Way Toward Future Internet.
68: Comparative Analysis and Research Issues in Classification Techniques for Intrusion Detection.
69: An Apriori-Based Vertical Fragmentation Technique for Heterogeneous Distributed Database Transactions.
70: A Speech Recognition Technique Using MFCC with DWT in Isolated Hindi Words.
71: Mechanism for Preventing Registration Flooding Attack in SIP.
72: A Combined Approach: Proactive and Reactive Failure Handling for Efficient Job Execution in Computational Grid.
73: A Comparative Analysis of Keyword- and Semantic-Based Search Engines.
74: Slicing MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow Models.
75: Link Mining Using Strength of Frequent Pattern of Interaction.
76: Integration of HSV Color Histogram and LMEBP Joint Histogram for Multimedia Image Retrieval.
77: DBC Co-occurrence Matrix for Texture Image Indexing and Retrieval.
78: M-Band and Rotated M-Band Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform for Texture Image Retrieval.
79: A Rank-Based Hybrid Algorith for Scheduling Data- and Computation-Intensive Jobs in Grid Environments.
80: Performance Evaluation of Video Communications Over 4G Network.
81: Online Hybrid Model for Online Fraud Prevention and Detection.
82: An Efficient Approach to Analyze Users' Interest on Significant Web Access Patterns with Period Constraint.
83: Efficient Privacy Preserving Distributed Association Rule Mining Protocol Based on Random Number.
84: Directional Local Quinary Patterns: A New Feature Descriptor for Image Indexing and Retrieval.
85: Data Mining Approach for Developing Various Models Based on Types of Attack and Feature Selection as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).
86: Facial Expression Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns with Different Distance Measures.
87: Cluster-Based Routing for Optimal Communication in Port Logistics.
88: Secure Adaptive Traffic Lights System for VANETs.
89: Analysis of Image Segmentation Techniques on Morphological and Clustering.
90: Performance Impact of TCP and UDP on the Mobility Models and Routing Protocols in MANET.
91: A Survey on Video Segmentation.
92: A New Paradigm for Open Source Software Development.
93: A Real-Time Signature Verification Technology Using Clustering and Statistical Analysis.
94: Component-Aspect Separation-Based Slicing of Aspect-Oriented Programs.
95: Evaluation of Software Understandability Using Rough Sets.
96: HCDLST: An Indexing Technique for Current and Recent-Past Sliding Window Spatio-Temporal Data.
97: Solving Planar Graph Coloring Problem Using PSO with SPY Rule.
98: Weather Prediction Using Error Minimization Algorithm on Feedforward Artificial Neural Network.
99: Mining Association Rules Using Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization.
100: Study of Framework of Mobile IP and MANET Integration.
101: Delay Analysis of Various Links Using OPNET Simulator.
102: GenSeeK: A Novel Parallel Multiple Pattern Recognition Algorithm for DNA Sequences.
103: Improvement of PAPR in OFDM Systems Using SLM Technique and Digital Modulation Schemes.
104: Radioactive Pollution Monitoring Using Triangular Deployment in Wireless Sensor Network.
105: Securing Networks Using Situation-Based Firewall Policy Computations.
106: Color Image Quantization Scheme Using DBSCAN with K-Means Algorithm.
107: A Novel Approach to Text Steganography Using Font Size of Invisible Space Characters in Microsoft Word Document.
108: Personalizing News Documents Using Modified Page Rank Algorithms.
109: Understanding Query Vulnerabilities for Various SQL Injection Techniques.
110: Effective Ontology Alignment: An Approach for Resolving the Ontology Heterogeneity Problem for Semantic Information Retrieval.
111: Classification Technique for Improving User Access on Web Log Data.
112: A Review on Methods for Query Personalization.
113: A Wideband Compact Microstrip Antenna for DCS/PCS/WLAN Applications.
114: Analysis of Type-2 Fuzzy Systems for WSN: A Survey.
115: Fusion of Entropy-Based Color Space Selection and Statistical Color Features for Ripeness Classification of Guavas.
116: Optimal Positioning of Base Station in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey.
117: Testing and Implementation Process in Automation of a University.
118: Performance of Spectral Efficiency and Blocking Probability Using Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation.
119: An Effective Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Texture and Shape Feature.
120: Underwater Communication with IDMA Scheme.
121: M-ARY PSK Modulation Technique for IDMA Scheme.
122: A Novel Approach for Eye Gaze and Tilt Estimation.
123: Enhanced Single-Pass Algorithm for Efficient Indexing Using Hashing in Map Reduce Paradigm.
124: Data Structures for IP Lookups, A Comparative Analysis with Scalability to IPV6.
125: Multiobjective Clustering Using Support Vector Machine: Application to Microarray Cancer Data.
126: Prediction of Warning Level in Aircraft Accidents using Classification Techniques: An Empirical Study.
127: Fuzzy TOPSIS Method Applied for Ranking of Teacher in Higher Education.
128: Performance Analysis of Transformation Methods in Multi-Label Classification.
129: Predictive Data Mining Techniques for Forecasting Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) Load Demand: An Empirical Study.
130: Novel Approach for Finding Patterns in Product-Based Enhancement Using Labeling Technique.
131: Optimal Path and Best-Effort Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks.
132: Spanning-Tree-Based Position-Based Routing in WSNs.
133: Feature Extraction and Classification of Microarray Cancer Data Using Intelligent Techniques.
134: Survey of Route Choice Models in Transportation Networks.
135: Secure Routing Technique in MANET: A Review.
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