History Of Canada, 2nd Edition

  • Scott W. See
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  • ISBN-10: 1592376118
  • ISBN-13: 9781592376117
  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 421 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2010 | Published/Released February 2011
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2010

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This beautifully written narrative history paints a magnificent picture of the second largest nation on earth. Canada, with its overarching geography of over one million bodies of water, endless prairies, frozen reaches of the north, and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, holds many stunning lands. Canada, as displayed here, has a truly complex and intricate image.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Preface to the Second Edition.
Flags and Emblems.
Other Frontmatter.
Fathers of Confederation.
Prime Ministers of Canada.
Governors General of Canada.
1: One of the Best Countries on Earth.
2: Against Formidable Odds.
3: An Overwhelming Landscape: The Geography of Canada.
4: Canada's Political System.
5: Canada's Economy.
6: The People of Canada.
7: Canada in a New Century: A Product of Its Past.
8: Native Peoples, Europeans, and a Clash of (Prehistory–1663).
9: Canada Before the Contact Period.
10: Migration of Native Peoples to Canada.
11: Native Groups, Economies, and Cultures.
12: Norsemen: Exploration and Settlement.
13: The New World: Early Exploration.
14: Cartier's Voyages: An Attempted French Foothold.
15: Champlain and the Establishment of New France.
16: Acadia: Early French-English Rivalry in Canada.
17: A European Foothold in the New World.
18: The French Design for the New World.
19: New France to 1663.
20: New France by 1663.
21: The Age of New France(1663–1763).
22: The Rise and Fall of New France.
23: Royal Control and Governance.
24: The Peoples of New France.
25: The Seigneurial System.
26: The Fur Trade.
27: Towns and Trade.
28: New France Before the Conquest: A Distinctive Society.
29: Contest for the Continent.
30: New France: Strengths and Weakness.
31: Colonial Wars to the Conquest.
32: The Seven Years' War and the Conquest.
33: The Acadian Expulsion.
34: The Conquest.
35: The Conquest's Impact.
36: New France Becomes Quebec.
37: British North America (1763–1850s).
38: Britain at the Helm.
39: The Quebec Experiment.
40: The American Revolution.
41: The Arrival of the Loyalists.
42: British North America at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century.
43: The War of 1812.
44: Rebellions in the Canadas.
45: Life in British North America.
46: Boundary Issues and Trade with the United States.
47: British North America at Midcentury.
48: Confederation and National Expansion (1850s–1890s).
49: A Critical Juncture.
50: The Impulse for Confederation.
51: The British North America Act: A Constitution for a Dominion.
52: Challenges for a New Dominion.
53: Western Expansion.
54: Politics, The Economy, and International Affairs.
55: Late Nineteenth-Century Canada: A Nation of Contrasts.
56: A New Century (1890s–1929).
57: Canada's Century?.
58: Conservatives and Liberals.
59: Immigration and Western Expansion.
60: Canada and the British Empire.
61: Canada and the United States.
62: Canada and the Great War.
63: Women and the Vote.
64: Canada in the Twenties: Roaring or Whimpering?.
65: Workers and the Economy.
66: Canadian Culture in the 1920s.
67: Canada and the Triangle in the Postwar Era.
68: Canada Through War and Peace.
69: Trial of Nationhood: The Great Depression and the War (1929–1945).
70: Canada Comes of Age.
71: A Global Depression.
72: Governmental Responses to the Depression.
73: The Human Dimension of the Great Depression.
74: Political Storms: Left, Right, and Center.
75: Another Global Conflict.
76: Canada at War.
77: The Home Front.
78: Canada in the Immediate Postwar World.
79: Cold War Canada (1945–1960s).
80: A New World.
81: Political Changes in the Late 1940s.
82: 1949: A Remarkable Year.
83: The Postwar Economy.
84: Politics: Liberal Style.
85: The Conservative Plan: Diefenbaker's One Canada.
86: The Middle Power Ideal.
87: Korean War.
88: Suez and PeaceKeeping.
89: Continental Defense and Relations with the United States.
90: Life in Cold War Canada.
91: A “Quiet Revolution”?.
92: Canada in the Mid-1960s: A Tumultuous Time.
93: One Nation or Two? (1960s–1984).
94: Competing Nationalisms.
95: The Liberals and the Social State.
96: Canadian Nationalism Triumphant.
97: Bilateralism or Multilateralism?.
98: Trudeaumania.
99: Trudeau's Foreign Policy.
100: Quebec and the Question of Sovereignty.
101: The Parti Québécois and Sovereignty-Association.
102: Trudeau's Travails and the Clark Interlude.
103: Quebec's 1980 Referendum.
104: A New Constitution.
105: Constitution Act (1982).
106: The Close of the Liberal Era.
107: The End of Cold War Canada?.
108: Late Twentieth-Century Canada (1984–2000).
109: The Challenges of Nationhood.
110: The Conservative Impulse.
111: A Distinct Society?.
112: Going with the Flow: Free Trade.
113: Canada and the World at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century.
114: Canada and the United States: Defense and Sovereignty Issues.
115: Canada's Complex Face.
116: Chrétien and the Return of the Liberals.
117: Quebec and the Question of Sovereignty.
118: Western Thunder: the Reform Movement.
119: Canada's Regions and Provinces at the Century's End.
120: Canadians Look to a New Century.
121: Contemporary (2001–2010).
122: Canadians Greet a New Century.
123: The Nuances of Modern Politics.
124: The Cycles of Capitalism and Trade in a New Century.
125: A Foreign Policy in the Post–Cold War Era.
126: Canadian Citizens Exercise Their Rights.
127: Contemporary Canadian Culture.
128: Canada and the Twenty-First Century.
Notable People in the History of Canada.
Timeline of Historical Events.
Primary Documents.
The Vancouver Winter Olympics and the Press.
Joe Canadian Rant.
Champlain's Assessment of Native Peoples.
The Old World Becomes the New World.
A Portrait of Life in New France.
A Church Perspective on Women and Their Clothing.
A Military Perspective During the Seven Years' War.
The Acadian Experience.
One Loyalist's Perspective.
Mackenzie's Call to Arms.
A Perspective of Life in the Backwoods.
The Argument in Favor of Confederation.
The Argument Against Confederation.
The British North America Act.
Louis Riel On Trial.
Sifton's Rationale for Immigration.
The Necessity for Victory.
An Argument Against Conscription.
A Case for Women's Suffrage.
Letters from the Heartland.
The CCF Platform.
A Portrait of the Fighting Forces.
A Japanese-Canadian Perspective.
Smallwood's Argument for Confederation.
Diefenbaker and Nuclear Weapons.
Recommendations of the Massey Report.
A Voice of the New Quebec.
The Underside of Canadian Society.
Keenleyside's Letter.
Perspectives of History and the Sovereignty-Association Question.
Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
An Argument Against Free Trade.
First Nations Charter.
A Voice of New Canadians.
An Environmentalist's Perspective.
A Celebration of Canada's Role in Afghanistan.
Canada's Position on Arctic Sovereignty.
Canadian Insights Using Humor.
Bibliographic Essay.
About the Author.