Great Events from History: Human Rights, 2nd Edition

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This updated reference work originally published in 1992 includes significant updates and a number of new articles that address human rights issues over the past 30 years. This 4-volume work traces the path of civil liberties and natural rights through history, from ancient codes to modern movements, through pivotal events that have directly affected people and their freedoms. It documents the progression, regression, and overall history of human rights through pivotal events. Modern milestones chronicled include: 2001: The U.S. Launches a War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan in Response to 9/11; 2004: The First Same-Sex Marriage is Performed in Massachusetts; 2006: The Global Internet Consortium is Founded; 2006: WikiLeaks Gives Whistleblowers a New Platform; 2014: ISIS Comes to Power in Iraq and Syria; 2015: China Revokes One-Child Policy; 2017: Gay Chechens are Purged; 2018: Peace Talks Begin on the Korean Peninsula; and 2018: Separating Immigrant Families at the Border.

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1: The Boxer Rebellion Fails to Remove Foreign Control in China.
2: The Philippines Ends Its Uprising Against the United States.
3: Reformers Expose Atrocities Against Congolese Laborers.
4: The Pankhursts Found the Women’s Social and Political Union.
5: Panama Declares Independence from Colombia.
6: International Agreement Attacks the White Slave Trade.
7: Supreme Court Disallows a Maximum Hours Law for Bakers.
8: Black Leaders Call for Equal Rights at the Niagara Falls Conference.
9: Upton Sinclair Publishes The Jungle.
10: The Iranian Constitution Bars Non-Muslims from Cabinet Positions.
11: The British Labour Party Is Formed.
12: The Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act Become Law.
13: Finland Grants Woman Suffrage.
14: The Bern Conference Prohibits Night Work for Women.
15: Japan Protests Segregation of Japanese in California Schools.
16: The Muslim League Attempts to Protect Minority Interests in India.
17: Legal Norms of Behavior in Warfare Formulated by the Hague Conference.
18: The Young Turk Movement Stages a Constitutional Coup in Turkey.
19: The Belgian Government Annexes the Congo.
20: Students Challenge Corporal Punishment in British Schools.
21: Sun Yat-Sen Overthrows the Ch’ing Dynasty.
22: Intellectuals Form the Society of American Indians.
23: Massachusetts Adopts the First Minimum-Wage Law in the United States.
24: The Children’s Bureau Is Founded.
25: U.S. Marines Are Sent to Nicaragua to Quell Unrest.
26: Ford Offers a Five-Dollar, Eight-Hour Workday.
27: Armenians Suffer Genocide During World War I.
28: The Defense of India Act Impedes the Freedom Struggle.
29: Germany First Uses Lethal Chemical Weapons on the Western Front.
30: Women’s Institutes Are Founded in Great Britain.
31: Brandeis Becomes the First Jewish Member of the Supreme Court.
32: The Easter Rebellion Fails to Win Irish Independence.
33: Sanger Opens the First Birth-Control Clinic in the United States.
34: Rankin Becomes the First Woman Elected to Congress.
35: The Mexican Constitution Establishes an Advanced Labor Code.
36: Bolsheviks Deny All Rights to the Russian Orthodox Church.
37: The Baltic States Fight for Independence.
38: Finland Gains Independence from the Soviet Union.
39: Lenin and the Communists Impose the “Red Terror”.
40: Lenin Leads the Russian Revolution.
41: Congress Prohibits Immigration of Illiterates Over Age Sixteen.
42: The Balfour Declaration Supports a Jewish Homeland in Palestine.
43: Germans Revolt and Form Socialist Government.
44: Parliament Grants Suffrage to British Women.
45: The Paris Peace Conference Includes Protection for Minorities.
46: “Palmer Raids” Lead to Arrests and Deportations of Immigrants.
47: Soldiers Massacre Indian Civilians in Amritsar.
48: The League of Nations Is Established.
49: Students Demonstrate for Reform in China’s May Fourth Movement.
50: The International Labour Organisation Is Established.
51: The Saint-Germain-En-Laye Convention Attempts to Curtail Slavery.
52: Steel Workers Go on Strike to Demand Improved Working Conditions.
53: The Ku Klux Klan Spreads Terror in the South.
54: Advisory Councils Give Botswana Natives Limited Representation.
55: Ireland Is Granted Home Rule and Northern Ireland Is Created.
56: Gandhi Leads a Noncooperation Movement.
57: Great Britain Passes Acts to Provide Unemployment Benefits.
58: The American Civil Liberties Union Is Founded.
59: The League of Women Voters Is Founded.
60: The Nineteenth Amendment Gives American Women the Right to Vote.
61: Capital Punishment Is Abolished in Sweden.
62: The Immigration Act of 1921 Imposes a National Quota System.
63: Sanger Organizes Conferences on Birth Control.
64: Nansen Wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
65: Martial Law Is Declared in Oklahoma in Response to KKK Violence.
66: Nevada and Montana Introduce the Old-Age Pension.
67: Congress Establishes a Border Patrol.
68: A U.S. Immigration Act Imposes Quotas Based on National Origins.
69: Hitler Writes Mein Kampf.
70: Mussolini Seizes Dictatorial Powers in Italy.
71: Women’s Rights in India Undergo a Decade of Change.
72: The Pahlavi Shahs Attempt to Modernize Iran.
73: Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming Becomes the First Female Governor.
74: Japan Ends Property Restrictions on Voting Rights.
75: Germany Attempts to Restructure the Versailles Treaty.
76: British Workers Go on General Strike.
77: The League of Nations Adopts the International Slavery Convention.
78: The Minimum Age for Female British Voters Is Lowered.
79: Gandhi Leads the Salt March.
80: The Statute of Westminster Creates the Commonwealth.
81: India Signs the Delhi Pact.
82: El Salvador’s Military Massacres Civilians in La Matanza.
83: The Poona Pact Grants Representation to India’s Untouchables.
84: Japan Withdraws from the League of Nations.
85: Hitler Uses Reichstag Fire to Suspend Civil and Political Liberties.
86: Franklin D. Roosevelt Appoints Perkins as Secretary of Labor.
87: Nazi Concentration Camps Go into Operation.
88: The Indian Reorganization Act Offers Autonomy to American Indians.
89: Stalin Begins Purging Political Opponents.
90: The Wagner Act Requires Employers to Accept Collective Bargaining.
91: Social Security Act Establishes Benefits for Nonworking People.
92: Social Security Act Provides Grants for Dependent Children.
93: Consumers Union of the United States Emerges.
94: Corporatism Comes to Paraguay and the Americas.
95: Japanese Troops Brutalize Chinese After the Capture of Nanjing.
96: The Congress of Industrial Organizations Is Formed.
97: HUAC Begins Investigating Suspected Communists.
98: The First Food Stamp Program Begins in Rochester, New York.
99: Stalin Reduces the Russian Orthodox Church to Virtual Extinction.
100: Soviets Massacre Polish Prisoners of War in the Katyn Forest.
101: Ho Chi Minh Organizes the Viet Minh.
102: Roosevelt Outlaws Discrimination in Defense-Industry Employment.
103: The Atlantic Charter Declares a Postwar Right of Self-Determination.
104: The International League for Human Rights Is Founded.
105: Roosevelt Approves Internment of Japanese Americans.
106: The Congress of Racial Equality Forms.
107: Ethiopia Abolishes Slavery.
108: Soviets Take Control of Eastern Europe.
109: CORE Stages a Sit-in in Chicago to Protest Segregation.
110: Zoot-Suit Riots Exemplify Ethnic Tensions in Los Angeles.
111: Supreme Court Rules That States Cannot Compel Flag Salutes.
112: Race Riots Erupt in Detroit and Harlem.
113: Citizens Rescue Danish Jews from Germans.
114: French Women Get the Vote.
115: The French Quell an Algerian Nationalist Revolt.
116: The United Nations Adopts Its Charter.
117: A Japanese Commander Is Ruled Responsible for His Troops’ Actions.
118: Nazi War Criminals Are Tried in Nuremberg.
119: Perón Creates a Populist Political Alliance in Argentina.
120: The World Health Organization Proclaims Health as a Basic Right.
121: The Nationalist Vietnamese Fight Against French Control of Indochina.
122: The United Nations Children’s Fund Is Established.
123: Spain Is Denied Entrance into the United Nations.
124: The House Committee on Un-American Activities Investigates Hollywood.
125: The Marshall Plan Provides Aid to Europe.
126: Robinson Breaks the Color Line in Organized Baseball.
127: CORE Stages the “Journey of Reconciliation”.
128: Japanese Constitution Grants New Rights to Women.
129: India Gains Independence.