Voices of Historical and Contemporary Black American Pioneers, 1st Edition

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This extraordinary four-volume work is the first of its kind, a comprehensive exploration of the obstacles black men and women, both historic and contemporary, have faced and overcome to succeed in professional positions. Voices of Historical and Contemporary Black American Pioneers includes the life and career histories of black American pioneers, past and present, who have achieved extraordinary success in fields as varied as aviation and astronautics, education, social sciences, the humanities, the fine and performing arts, law and government, and medicine and science. The set covers well-known figures, but is also an invaluable source of information on lesser-known individuals whose accomplishments are no less admirable.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Half Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Copyright Page.
Volume 1 Contents.
A Tribute to Mrs. Rosa Parks.
A Tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen.
A Tribute to Barack H. Obama.
A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr..
1: Medicine and Science.
2: In His Hands.
3: Staying Focused.
4: Success in Molecular Genetics: The Pink Flower.
5: Reconnect to Your African Heritage.
6: Succeeding Against All Odds.
7: So, Ya Want to Be a Heart Surgeon.
8: Being True to Oneself: Becoming a Surgeon-Scientist.
9: Educator, Researcher, and Artist.
10: Try Everything You Can, Go Everywhere You Can, Push Yourself as Hard as You Can.
11: Ben Carson Tells of His Journey From Poverty.
12: Armed and Dangerous.
13: James P. Comer: My Way.
14: If I Can Just Make It to the House: Strategies for Successful Life Journeys.
15: Offering Modern Cardiovascular Medicine in an Underserved Urban Population.
16: Perseverance.
17: Prepared.
18: Science in the Belly of the Beast: My Career in the Academy.
19: Academic Leadership Development for Junior Faculty: Lessons Learned.
20: Seizing Opportunities and Being Prepared to Accept Their Challenges.
21: A Glimpse of a Contemporary Academic Dean.
22: Fulfilling a Dream.
23: Massey's Mentorship Creates Network of Mathematicians.
24: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required.
25: My Journey in Science.
26: A Dream Realized.
27: The Path to Success—Dreaming Toward Reality in Medicine.
28: Listening to the Scientific Calling.
29: Discovering Physics as a Profession.
30: Grace Amazing: Developing the Underrepresented in Mathematics.
31: Unfolding a Definition: The Path of a Successful Career.
32: Life as a Physicist: My Personal Journey.
33: Night Vision.
34: Interview with Dr. Isiah M. Warner.
35: Minorities in Mathematics.
About the Editors.
Illustration Credits.
Volume 1 Index.
Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Volume 2 Contents.
1: Law and Government.
2: The Welcome Table.
3: Dream No Small Dreams.
4: My Journey in American Politics.
5: Blueprint for Leadership Success.
6: The Drive to Overcome and Excel.
7: My Professional Success as a Political Leader.
8: Manifested Destiny.
9: Comer Cottrell, Jr.: A Master in the Game.
10: Left of Center: A Slightly Unorthodox Career Path.
11: My Journey.
12: “Virago” from Lift Every Voice.
13: Achieving Career Success by Being Aware.
14: Daughter of the Delta.
15: Be Secure in Who You Are.
16: A Tradition of Accomplishments.
17: A Lawyer's Life in Brief.
18: Damon J. Keith: A Guiding Light for Equal Justice Under Law.
19: Riding a Fire Engine on a Rollercoaster to Success.
20: Education Is a Great Equalizer.
21: Understanding the Code of Legal (Business) Profession.
22: Fight for the Things You Believe in.
23: The Winding Journey of an Encyclopedia Mind.
24: Reminiscences of the honorable Peggy A. Quince.
25: Dedicate Yourself to Success.
26: Faith, Hope, Delivery.
27: Reaching Out to Your Community Through Public Service.
Illustration Credits.
Volume 2 Index.
Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Volume 3 Contents.
1: Aviation, Armed Forces, and Astronautics.
2: Flying in the Face of Fear.
3: Love the Life You Live.
4: Being an Ace Is Not Easily Achieved.
5: Reaching to the Future.
6: Commitment and Compassion: The First Black Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
7: Learn to Persuade.
8: Setting a Higher Standard.
9: Spacefaring Marine.
10: Fairness Gives You a Chance to Be Excellent.
11: Aspire to Inspire.
12: Dedication, Commitment, and Perseverance.
13: Find Out What You Like and Do It Better Than Anybody Else.
14: Four Ps: Provenance, Prudence, Providence, and Perseverance.
15: We Are the Owners of Our Destiny.
16: Dreamer Who Believes Nothing Is Impossible.
17: Soaring to Excel.
18: Preservation Is the Key to Success.
19: Education, Leading, and Mentoring: Keys to Growing a Diverse Officer Corps.
20: The “Katrina” General.
21: Your Value Is Not Decided by Anyone But Yourself.
22: Determined to Fly.
23: Following Your Dreams—Passing the Baton.
24: First African American Thunderbird Pilot Becomes Four-Star Air Force General.
25: Expect to Make Sacrifices.
26: Staying Powell.
27: Education, Character, Leadership—A Firm Foundation for the Navy's First Black Four-Star Admiral.
28: Bloom Where You Plant It.
29: Preparation Determines Your Success.
30: Reaching for the Stars.
31: Making Opportunities When There Seem to Be None.
32: Set Your Goal Early.
33: Soaring Like an Eagle.
34: Drive and Determination.
35: Proud to Serve.
36: Have the Right Mind-set When Encountering Diffculties.
Illustration Credits.
Volume 3 Index.
Title Page.
Other Frontmatter.
Volume 4 Contents.
1: Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities.
2: Ascending to Higher Ground.
3: Just a Little While Longer.
4: A Legacy of Achievements.
5: From the Windy City to Academia and the Boardroom.
6: Ten Percent Talent and Ninety Percent Work Equals Success.
7: Where the Fruit Is.
8: My Journey to Success.
9: Opportunity and Freedom: The Success Story of a Distinguished Educator, Researcher, and Professor.
10: Soar to Find Yourself.
11: “Shadowed Beneath Thy Hand”: Lessons on Making a Living and Making a Life*.
12: The Odyssey to Success in Social Work.
13: A Day in the Life of a Change Agent.
14: Ever Hopeful.
15: Professional Success in the Cradle of the Confederacy.
16: Going with the Flow: My Career as a Professor.
17: What I Learned Prior to Kindergarten.
18: Contrast, Change, and Opportunity.
19: My Mama's Nigga.
20: A Champion in His Own Right.
21: Hold Fast to Dreams.
22: Living on Purpose.
23: Bumps May Be Lifts.
24: Opportunity and Leadership: On Becoming a University President.
25: When Someone Says You Can't, Show Them That You Can.
26: Prepare Yourself Well, Set Realistic Goals, and All Will Fall in Place.
27: Child of Segregation—Champion of Diversity.
28: Leadership and Success in the New Millennium.
29: Stepping Stones to Success.
30: Spirit of a Champion.
31: Presidential Leadership in the Academy.
32: Doing Good through Engineering.
33: Taking Advantage of Opportunities.
34: A Black Woman Professor Speaks on Soul-Sovereignty in the Academy.
35: South Carolina and Other Matters.
36: Leadership, Academics, and Activism: Pursuing a Social Justice Agenda.
37: Black Scholars as “Winter Warriors”.
38: Leave No Stone Unturned.
39: Living to Learn.
40: Finding the Fit: Life Lessons on Career Success.
41: An Academic Life: Pleasures and Pressures.
42: Breaking Records and Breaking Barriers.
43: Empowering People and Communities With Economics.
44: Slow and Steady Wins the Race.
45: Observations and Lessons Learned.
46: Learning the Values That Lead to Success.
47: Lessons of Leadership from a Marginal Man.
48: Persistence Pays Off.
49: The Private Practice of Clinical Psychology.
50: Getting Ahead by Including the Side Roads.
51: This Far by Faith.
Illustration Credits.
Volume 4 Index.