U.S. Army Center of Military History Historical Manuscripts Collection: The Korean War

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U.S. participation in the war, plus U.S. relations with Korea immediately before and after, is documented in this unique collection of never-before published documents produced by the Military History Section of the Far East Command.

Hundreds of documents created on the scene or shortly thereafter are included, such as after-action interviews and reports, orders, narratives, analyses, charts, maps, and photographs. Authoritative detail is provided on a great range of topics, from individual battles to logistical operations, treatment of prisoners, chemical warfare, and peace negotiations. The following small sample is typical of the documents included:
" History of the Korean War...General Headquarters Support and Participation, 25 June 1950-30 April 1951"

"After-action reports and interviews on numerous defensive and offensive actions, including Chosin Reservoir (Nov. 1950), and Heartbreak Ridge (Sept.-Oct. 1951), "Enemy Tactics," on guerilla activities, infiltration, and countermeasures,

"8067th MASH," after-action interviews of mobile army surgical hospital personnel,

"Korean Armistice Negotiations (July 1951-May 1952)," reporting on the meetings as well as the weaknesses of each side, and Communist methods of negotiations.

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