The Redstockings' Organizational Collection, Redstockings' Women's Liberation Archives for Action, 1940s-1991: Part 2: Theory, Practice, and Revitalization, 1967-1991

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The Redstockings' Organizational Collection, Redstockings' Women's Liberation Archives For Action, 1940s-1991 is a publication indispensible for the study of the origins, practice, and legacy of 1960's and 1970's feminism. These archives are filled with first-hand description, commentary, and debate about much of the theory, strategy, and tactics that gave rise to the Women's Liberation Movement and animated the struggle against its decline.

Part 2: Theory, Practice, And Revitalization, 1967-1991 is anchored by a selection of correspondence between Redstockings members and close radical feminist associates before and after the founding of the Redstockings (1969). This selection includes exchanges between pioneer radical feminist Kathie Amatniek Sarachild and New York Radical Women (1968-1969) and Woman’s World (1971- 1972). There is also a body of letters documenting the intense collaboration between radical feminists in New York City and the "Berkeley of the South," Gainesville, Florida.

The Redstockings' later effort to revitalize the radical feminist project had many facets. Documented in this collection are publishing projects designed to disseminate primary source texts from the early years. Redstockings activists also used publishing to share analyses regarding the ascendancy of the less radical and more liberal wing of the women's movement, to grapple with the impact of Cointelpro, and to contest the theory generated by radical lesbian cultural politics. Documents take up the "leadership question" and the historiography of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Flyers, conference materials, minutes, notes, and drafts of articles all situate these Redstockings efforts within the broader feminist political world that simultaneously nourished and provoked them.

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