Geology: Landforms, Minerals, and Rocks, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
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Minerals and rocks are remnants of the planet's most ancient history and custodians of its geologic secrets. While a great deal remains to be discovered about Earth's origins and the earliest stages of its development, much of its past is indelibly chronicled in the inorganic material that comprises its surface and transforms its landscapes. These intriguing volumes examine the basic components of the planet—from topographic landforms to the molten rocks at Earth's core—and the geologic processes that affect them, as well as the various disciplines dedicated to deciphering these relationships.

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Geology: Landforms, Minerals, and Rocks: Geological Sciences  (ISBN-10: 1615305440 | ISBN-13: 9781615305445)

Described as craggy, rocky, or glacial, among a host of other descriptors, the Earth's geosphere—that is, its solid foundation—is subject to incredible variation. It is these permutations that inform the study of the geological sciences. This field involves not only the study of rocks, minerals, and landforms, but also that of glaciers, fossils, volcanoes, and other aspects of the Earth's surface. This sweeping volume examines the various branches of the geological sciences, as well as the methods and instruments used by geologists to obtain accurate records of the planet's geological history. Profiles of seminal earth scientists are also included.

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Geology: Landforms, Minerals, and Rocks: Landforms  (ISBN-10: 161530536X | ISBN-13: 9781615305360)

The planet's natural dips and elevations, slopes and structures, stud the world's landscapes and enrich its panoramas. However, the Earth's landforms should not be viewed as anomalies in its topography; rather, they are often invaluable components of ecosystems and hold significant clues to the natural forces that fashion our environment. This comprehensive volume examines the various landforms—from mountains to caves to glaciers—that can be found across the globe. The processes that shape each formation are also detailed within these pages.

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Geology: Landforms, Minerals, and Rocks: Minerals  (ISBN-10: 1615305823 | ISBN-13: 9781615305827)

Anyone who has marveled at the glimmer of a perfectly cut diamond, tended a garden, or consumed a nutritious meal has appreciated some of the many roles that minerals play in our lives. Present in many natural substances, minerals are highly structured entities, each with a unique chemical composition and set of properties. Accompanied by detailed tables, diagrams, and sidebars, this informative volume examines the various types of minerals and their structures and classifications, as well as the physical and chemical attributes that separate one mineral from another.

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Geology: Landforms, Minerals, and Rocks: Rocks  (ISBN-10: 1615305416 | ISBN-13: 9781615305414)

Often concealing millennia worth of Earth's history, rocks seem to project an impression of durability and permanence that belies their transformation over time. Seen in all shapes and sizes and found in many of the planet's ecosystems, rocks have been subject to various natural forces that have affected such attributes as their elasticity, strength, and ductility (that is, their ability to be fashioned into a new form). The general properties as well as the three major categories of rock—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic—are all examined in depth in this penetrating volume.

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