Strong Coupling Gauge Theories In The LHC Perspective (SCGT 12): Proceedings Of The Kmi-Gcoe Workshop, 1st Edition

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This volume contains contributions which are largely focused on strong coupling gauge theories and the search of theories beyond the standard model, as well as new aspects in hot and dense QCD - particularly in view of the LHC experiments and the lattice studies of conformal fixed point.It contains, among others, many of the latest and important reports on walking technicolor and related subjects in the general context of conformality, discussions of phenomenological implications with the LHC, as well as the theoretical ones through lattice studies. Nonperturbative studies like lattice simulations and stringy/holographic approaches are extensively elaborated in close relation to phenomenological studies. Also, heavy ion experiments at LHC are discussed in such nonperturbative approaches.

Table of Contents

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Workshop Organization.
1: Conformal Window and Correlation Functions in Lattice Conformal QCD.
2: Can the Higgs Impostor Hide Near the Conformal Window?.
3: Understanding Finite-Volume Effects in Deformed CFTs on the Lattice.
4: Reaching the Chiral Limit in Many Flavor Systems.
5: Phase Structure of Many Flavor Lattice QCD at Finite Temperature.
6: From Lattice Strong Dynamics to Phenomenology.
7: Lattice Study of Conformality in Twelve-Flavor QCD.
8: Exploring Walking Behavior in SU(3) Gauge Theory with 8 HISQ Quarks∗.
9: The Scalar Spectrum of Many-Flavour QCD.
10: Conformal Dynamics and Thermal/Bulk Phase Transition in Lattice Gauge Theory with Many Fermion Species.
11: Lattice QCD with 12 Quark Flavors: A Careful Scrutiny.
12: On Gauge Theory Phase Diagrams at Zero and Finite Temperature.
13: Latest ATLAS Results on Higgs and BSM Physics.
14: Coloron Models and LHC Phenomenology.
15: Studies on the UV to IR Evolution of Gauge Theories and Quasiconformal Behavior.
16: Vector Bosons Signals of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking.
17: Higgs Discovery: Impact on Composite Dynamics Technicolor & eXtreme Compositeness Thinking Fast and Slow.
18: 125 GeV Technidilaton at the LHC.
19: Holographic Technidilaton and LHC Searches.
20: Composite Higgs and Techni-Dilaton at LHC.
21: Hadron Interactions from Lattice QCD.
22: Dynamics with Isospin Symmetric Higgs Boson: The Quark Mass Hierarchy and the LHC Data.
23: “Super”–Dilatation Symmetry of the Top-Higgs System.
24: Higgs Boson Mass and the Scale of New Physics.
25: What Can We Learn from the 126 GeV Higgs Boson for the Planck Scale Physics? -Hierarchy Problem and the Stability of the Vacuum -.
26: RG Cycles, Scale Vs Conformal Invariance, and All That….
27: Top-Seesaw Assisted Technicolor Model with 126 GeV Higgs Boson.
28: Minimal Dilaton Model.
29: Partially Composite Higgs in Supersymmetry.
30: Metastable D-Term Dynamical SUSY Breaking.
31: Generalized Skyrmions and The Mass of the Lightest Electroweak Baryon.
32: Quark-Gluon Plasma: From RHIC to LHC.
33: Dynamical Model Based on Hydrodynamics for Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions.
34: In-Medium QCD Forces at High Temperature.
35: Holographic Mean-Field Theory for Baryon Many-Body Systems ∗.
36: Dilatons in Dense Baryonic Matter.
37: Baryonic Matter in the Hidden Local Symmetry Induced from Holographic QCD Models.
38: Twisted Reduction in Large N QCD with Adjoint Wilson Fermions.
39: Large-Nc Gauge Theory and Chiral Random Matrix Theory.
40: Non-Abelian Dual Superconductivity in SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory Due to Non-Abelian Magnetic Monopoles.
41: Confinement via Strongly-Coupled Nonabelian Monopoles.
42: Non-Abelian Strings in Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and Beyond.
43: Finite-Time Future Singularities and Related Cosmologies in Modified Gravitational Theories.
44: Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Induced by the Strangeness Revisited.
45: Enhanced Diphoton Higgs Decay Rate and Isospin Symmetric Higgs Boson.
46: Partial Mass-Degeneracy and Spontaneous CP Violation in the Lepton Sector.
47: One-Family Walking Techni-Pions.
48: Non-Abelian Dual Superconductivity in SU(3) Yang-Mills Theory Due to Non-Abelian Magnetic Monopoles.
49: Uniqueness and Significance of Weak Solution of Non-Perturbative Renormalization Group Equation to Analyze Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking.
50: GUT Model Discrimination by Nucleon Decay Via Dim. 6 Effective Int..
51: Revisiting the Calculation of the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment with the QCD Sum Rule Method.
52: Localization and ABJ Wilson Loop Calculation.
53: Analysis of Spontaneous Mass Generation by Iterative Method in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model and Gauge Theories.
54: Running Coupling in SU(2) with Adjoint Fermions.
55: Weak Solution Method of the Non-Perturbative Renormalization Group Equation to Describe Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Its Application to beyond the Ladder Analysis in QCD.
56: QCD Corrections to Electric Dipole Moment from Dimension-Six Four-Quark Operators.
57: Analysis of the Scalar Tetraquarks on the Lattice.
58: Non-Perturbative Study of 16-Flavor QCD.
59: Workshop Time Table.
List of Participants.
Author Index.