Scholarships, Fellowships & Loans Series

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  • Written especially for professionals, students, parents, counselors and others interested in education, this annually updated resource provides sources of scholarships, fellowships, loans, internships, work study, and other education-related financial aid at all levels of study. Look for the section on federal financial aid for a quick summary of programs sponsored by the federal government. Also included is a state-by-state listing of agencies that users can contact in their home state. Five handy indexes help you quickly locate the information you need - Field of Study, Legal Resident, Place of Study, Special Recipient, Sponsor and Scholarship.


Features and Benefits

  • Detailed description of awards, and organizers.
  • Listing of state educational resource agencies, including URLs when available.
  • Coverage of restricted awards - most common qualifications and restrictions involve: gender, race or ethnic group, place of residence, citizenship, employer, membership in an organization, religious affiliation, military or veteran status, financial need.
  • Includes a listing of federal agencies with contact information and an explanation of government loan programs that are not covered extensively in the main body text.