ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol I, 1st Edition

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This volume contains 88 papers presented at CSI 2013: 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India with the theme "ICT and Critical Infrastructure". The convention was held during 13th –15th December 2013 at Hotel Novotel Varun Beach, Visakhapatnam and hosted by Computer Society of India, Vishakhapatnam Chapter in association with Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, the flagship company of RINL, India. This volume contains papers mainly focused on Computational Intelligence and its applications, Mobile Communications and social Networking, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Virtual and Scalable Applications, Project Management and Quality Systems and Emerging Technologies in hardware and Software.

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1: Homogeneity Separateness: A New Validity Measure for Clustering Problems.
2: Authenticating Grid Using Graph Isomorphism Based Zero Knowledge Proof.
3: Recognition of Marathi Isolated Spoken Words Using Interpolation and Dtw Techniques.
4: An Automatic Process to Convert Documents into Abstracts by Using Natural Language Processing Techniques.
5: A Novel Method for Cbir Using Texture Spectrum in Wavelet Domain.
6: Identification of Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.
7: Color Image Watermarking Using Wavelet Transform Based on Hvs Channel.
8: Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Localization Using Symmetric Wavelets.
9: Response Time Comparison in Multi Protocol Label Switching Network Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.
10: Software Effort Estimation Using Data Mining Techniques.
11: Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Using Entropy and Neuro-Fuzzy Concepts.
12: Hybrid Non-dominated Sorting Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems.
13: Dicom Image Retrieval Using Geometric Moments and Fuzzy Connectedness Image Segmentation Algorithm.
14: Soft Computing Based Partial-Retuning of Decentralised PI Controller of Nonlinear Multivariate Process.
15: Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Software Cost Estimation.
16: An Axiomatic Fuzzy Set Theory Based Feature Selection Methodology for Handwritten Numeral Recognition.
17: Brownian Distribution Guided Bacterial Foraging Algorithm for Controller Design Problem.
18: Trapezoidal Fuzzy Shortest Path (Tfsp) Selection for Green Routing and Scheduling Problems.
19: A Fused Feature Extraction Approach to OCR: Mlp vs. RBF.
20: Fusion of Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets and Local Binary Patterns for Iris Recognition.
21: Evaluation of Feature Selection Method for Classification of Data Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm.
22: Electrocardiogram Beat Classification Using Support Vector Machine and Extreme Learning Machine.
23: Genetic Algorithm Based Approaches to Install Different Types of Facilities.
24: A Trilevel Programming Approach to Solve Reactive Power Dispatch Problem Using Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Goal Programming.
25: An Iterative Fuzzy Goal Programming Method to Solve Fuzzified Multiobjective Fractional Programming Problems.
26: An Efficient Ant Colony Based Routing Algorithm for Better Quality of Services in Manet.
27: An Enhanced MapReduce Framework for Solving Protein Folding Problem Using a Parallel Genetic Algorithm.
28: A Wavelet Transform Based Image Authentication Approach Using Genetic Algorithm (AWTIAGA).
29: A New Approach to Monitor Network.
30: Detection and Mitigation of Misbehaving Vehicles from Vanet.
31: Comparative Study of Hierarchical Based Routing Protocols: Wireless Sensor Networks.
32: Privacy Based Optimal Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks.
33: Security Issues and Its Counter Measures in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
34: Finding a Trusted and Shortest Path Mechanism of Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network.
35: Fusion Centric Decision Making for Node Level Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks.
36: An Intelligent Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
37: Energy Efficient and Reliable Transmission of Data in Wireless Sensor Networks.
38: Inter-actor Connectivity Restoration in Wireless Sensor Actor Networks: An Overview.
39: MANFIS Approach for Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robot Navigation.
40: The Effect of Velocity and Unresponsive Traffic Volume on Performance of Routing Protocols in MANET.
41: Improving the QOS in MANET by Enhancing the Routing Technique of AOMDV Protocol.
42: PRMACA: A Promoter Region Identification Using Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata (MACA).
43: Analyzing Statistical Effect of Sampling on Network Traffic Dataset.
44: Localization of Information Dissemination in Agriculture Using Mobile Networks.
45: Video Traffic in Wireless Sensor Networks.
46: A Novel Pairwise Key Establishment and Management in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks (HWSN) Using Matrix.
47: An Agent-Based Negotiating System with Multiple Trust Parameter Evaluation across Networks.
48: Enabling Self-organizing Behavior in Manets: An Experimental Study.
49: Secure Hybrid Routing for MANET Resilient to Internal and External Attacks.
50: Compact UWB/BLUETOOTH Integrated Uniplanar Antenna with WLAN Notch Property.
51: Open Security System for Cloud Architecture.
52: Client-Side Encryption in Cloud Storage Using Lagrange Interpolation and Pairing Based Cryptography.
53: Analysis of Multilevel Framework for Cloud Security.
54: Agent Based Negotiation Using Cloud – An Approach in E-Commerce.
55: Improve Security with RSA and Cloud Oracle lOg.
56: Negotiation Life Cycle: An Approach in E-Negotiation with Prediction.
57: Dynamic Scheduling of Requests Based on Impacting Parameters in Cloud Based Architectures.
58: A Generic Agent Based Cloud Computing Architecture for E-Learning.
59: Cache Based Cloud Architecture for Optimization of Resource Allocation and Data Distribution.
60: Implementing a Publish-Subscribe Distributed Notification System on Hadoop.
61: Securing Public Data Storage in Cloud Environment.
62: An Enhanced Strategy to Minimize the Energy Utilization in Cloud Environment to Accelerate the Performance.
63: An Efficient Approach to Enhance Data Security in Cloud Using Recursive Blowfish Algorithm.
64: Effective Disaster Management to Enhance the Cloud Stability.
65: An Efficient Job Classification Technique to Enhance Scheduling in Cloud to Accelerate the Performance.
66: A Study on Cloud Computing Testing Tools.
67: Co-operative Junction Control System.
68: Identifying Best Products Based on Multiple Criteria Using Descision Making System.
69: Design and Performance Analysis of File Replication Strategy on Distributed File System Using GridSim.
70: Extended Goal Programming Approach with Interval Data Uncertainty for Resource Allocation in Farm Planning: A Case Study.
71: Design and Performance Analysis of Distributed Implementation of Apriori Algorithm in Grid Environment.
72: Criticality Analyzer and Tester – An Effective Approach for Critical Components Identification and Verification.
73: Real Time Collision Detection and Fleet Management System.
74: An Effective Method for the Identification of Potential Failure Modes of a System by Integrating FT A and FMEA.
75: Impact of Resources on Success of Software Project.
76: An Optimized Approach for Density Based Spatial Clustering Application with Noise.
77: A Kernel Space Solution for the Detection of Android Bootkit.
78: Optimizing CPU Scheduling for Real Time Applications Using Mean-Difference Round Robin (MDRR) Algorithm.
79: A Study on Vectorization Methods for Multicore SIMD Architecture Provided by Compilers.
80: A Clustering Analysis for Heart Failure Alert System Using RFID and GPS.
81: Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Design Based Heterogeneous Multi-core System.
82: Recognition of Smart Transportation through Randomization and Prioritization.
83: Prioritized Traffic Management And Transport Security Using RFID.
84: A Novel Multi Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Bitplane Flips and Boolean Operations.
85: Large-Scale Propagation Analysis and Coverage Area Evaluation of 3G WCDMA in Urban Environments Based on BS Antenna Heights.
86: Inclination and Pressure Based Authenticationfor Touch Devices.
87: Anticipated Velocity Based Guidance Strategy for Wheeled Mobile Evaders Amidst Moving Obstacles in Bounded Environment.
88: Reconfigurable Multichannel Down Convertor for on Chip Network in MRI.
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