Civil Rights and Social Activism in the South: Series 2: The Legal Battle for Civil Rights in Alabama, 2nd Edition

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Filmed from the holdings of the University of South Alabama Archives

As the scholarship of the civil rights movement continues to evolve, the study of community organizations and activities become more important for understanding the struggle for racial change. This collection consists of selected portions of the records of attorney Vernon Z. Crawford and the Blacksher, Menefee and Stein law firm whose work represents a significant contribution to the shape of the United States civil rights movement in the 20th century. This new microfilm series will be of interest to researchers in political science, history, law, and other fields as an opportunity to examine essential primary documents surrounding several major civil rights cases tried in Alabama during the past four decades. Documents include legal documentation, complaints, petitions, requests, depositions, handwritten notes, correspondence, exhibits (maps, plans of school buildings, population diagrams), and surveys relating to cases on the following: discriminatory juror selection, civil rights violations (police harassment and brutality), discrimination in employment, school desegregation, and minority vote dilution. This microform edition further compliments Civil Rights and Social Activism in Alabama, which includes the papers of John LeFlore and the Non-Partisan Voters' League, adding to the rich and uncharted history of the Gulf Coast's role in the civil rights movement and the legal battle for civil rights in Alabama.

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