Ask Me Everything, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 0756672635
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  • Grade Level Range: 3rd Grade - 11th Grade
  • 304 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2010 | Published/Released October 2011
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2010

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What? You have more questions?Bring it on! Ask me everything! Really! This book is chock full of lists and quips, stats and quotes, and will keep readers of all ages asking questions for hours. No topic is left unquestioned, no question is left unanswered. This brilliant follow-up to Ask Me Anything will bring joy and edification to the whole family.

Table of Contents

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1: Space.
2: How Big is the Universe?.
3: Why are there Telescopes in Space?.
4: Capturing Space.
5: Which Star Shines the Brightest?.
6: How does Space Technology Affect Me?.
7: How do you get into Space?.
8: What is a Spacewalk?.
9: How Long does it take to get to the Moon?.
10: Who names the Stars and Galaxies?.
11: Why is Mars Red?.
12: A Guide to Mars.
13: Why does Saturn have Rings?.
14: Why do Comets have Tails?.
15: What is a Meteorite?.
16: Are we alone?.
17: Earth.
18: What is Geology?.
19: Where do Metals Come From?.
20: Why are there so many Volcanic Islands?.
21: What’s so Wonderful about the Galápagos Islands?.
22: What Created the Himalayas?.
23: How deep is the Grand Canyon?.
24: What’s so Strange about the Namib Desert?.
25: How do Caves form?.
26: How does Water Shape Earth?.
27: Why do Storms Happen?.
28: Tell me More: Hurricanes.
29: What’s Special about the River Nile?.
30: Why is the Indian Ocean so Beautiful?.
31: Dinosaurs.
32: When did Dinosaurs Rule Earth?.
33: Tell Me More: Ancient Four-Legged Creatures.
34: How did Dino Giants Hold up their Necks?.
35: Which Dinos were Super Predators?.
36: Why did some Dinos have Armor?.
37: Which Dinosaurs became Birds?.
38: Which Reptiles Ruled the Skies?.
39: Which Ancient Lizard Looks Like a Fish?.
40: Which Animals Lived in the Ice Age?.
41: Where did the Earliest Humans Come from?.
42: Who Brings Fossil Animals Back to Life?.
43: Tell Me More: Reading Fossils.
44: Nature.
45: What is Evolution?.
46: Nine Incredible Examples of Animals that Evolved and one that Didn’t!.
47: Why do Flowers Look and Smell So Good?.
48: How can a Cactus Survive in the Desert?.
49: What on Earth are Algae?.
50: How Big is a Swarm?.
51: Why is an Octopus so Spineless?.
52: Why are Sharks so Scary?.
53: Where can you Find a Parasite?.
54: Why are Beetles built like Tanks?.
55: Tell me more: Beetles.
56: How can a Frog leap so far?.
57: How fast can a Crocodile swim?.
58: How big is a Bird of prey?.
59: What goes bump in the night?.
60: Ten amazing bats.
61: Why are Whales so big?.
62: Can all big Cats Roar?.
63: How small is a mouse?.
64: Human body.
65: How many body cells do you have?.
66: What is your largest body organ?.
67: What is a body system?.
68: Tell me more: Body Systems.
69: What is DNA?.
70: How do you think?.
71: Why do you need to sleep?.
72: Why do some smells Trigger memories?.
73: Why brush your teeth?.
74: How do we Communicate?.
75: Why are your Hands So Handy?.
76: How does your body fight illnesses?.
77: Gallery of Pathogens (Germs).
78: Science and Technology.
79: Why are Numbers so Useful?.
80: Why do we Need Units?.
81: What’s so Great about Wheels?.
82: How Fast can a Car go?.
83: What is the Fastest Plane in the World?.
84: Feature: Aircraft Takeoff.
85: How does a Submarine Dive?.
86: Why are there so Many Materials?.
87: Why do Magnets Stick to Fridges?.
88: What’s so Special About Lasers?.
89: How Does Science Catch Criminals?.
90: How do Microscopes Magnify Things?.
91: Under the Microscope.
92: Why is Uranium Dangerous?.
93: Places.
94: Where do Most People Live in Canada?.
95: Which is the Highest Capital in the World?.
96: Does Anything Grow in the Sahara?.
97: Where can you Find Ostrich Farms?.
98: Where is Hot Water Always on Tap?.
99: How Many Canals does Amsterdam Have?.
100: Which is the Largest Country in the World?.
101: What is the Smallest Country in the World?.
102: Can you Really Ski in Dubai?.
103: How Many People Live in India?.
104: River Ganges.
105: Where is the Rice Bowl of Asia?.
106: How Many People Live in Tokyo?.
107: What is the Outback?.
108: How Many Islands are there in the South Pacific?.
109: Tell Me More: Ten South Pacific Islands.
110: Does Anyone Live in the Arctic?.
111: Society and Culture.
112: How do People Worship?.
113: What are Symbols?.
114: Why do We have Myths?.
115: What is Philosophy?.
116: What’s News?.
117: Why is Pop Music so Popular?.
118: Why do We Dance?.
119: Who Decides What’s Fashion?.
120: Which Country Produces the Most Movies?.
121: How to Make a Movie.
122: Why do People Love to Paint?.
123: What is Architecture?.
124: What can you Play with a Ball?.
125: Spot the ball.
126: Which Sports are Hot in Winter?.
127: When does an Animal become a Pet?.
128: When was Ice Cream Invented?.
129: History.
130: Who built Stonehenge?.
131: When did People start to write?.
132: Why would you want to be a Mummy?.
133: Who built the first cities?.
134: Greeks vs. Romans.
135: Why did Medieval People build Castles?.
136: What was the Black Death?.
137: What is Gunpowder made of?.
138: How did Trade change the World?.
139: What was the Scientific Revolution?.
140: Leonardo da Vinci.
141: How did Life change in the 1800s?.
142: What is the American Constitution?.
143: When did two Million People Leave Ireland?.
144: What was the Cold War?.
145: What was the March on Washington?.
146: What is Globalization?.