SUR, 1931-1992

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Founded in 1931 by Argentine intellectual Victoria Ocampo (1890-1979), SUR became a highly influential journal throughout Latin America and Europe. Over its long and distinguished history, SUR featured the writings of the leading figures in literature, philosophy, history and the plastic arts not only from Latin America, but also from North America and Western Europe. Contributors include LeCorbusier, Lacan, Sarte, and Woolf; Argentine authors include Borges, Cortázar, Silvinia Ocampo, and Bioy Casares. SUR translated many authors, introducing Latin Americans to Europeans, and European and North American readers to Latin Americans. Through her social commentary and choice of contributors, Ocampo advanced an Argentine version of Liberalism at a time when many Latin Americans were confronting reactionary regimes, military rule, economic chaos and demagogues.

I>SUR, 1931-1992, a digital archive of this leading magazine, includes:/

  • Images of the complete magazine, including covers, photographs and advertisement
  • A comprehensive electronic index of 6,300 entries, which corrects mistakes and inconsistencies found in the index published in the magazine and provides access to all contributions, even those of less than a page
  • A set of images of manuscripts from the first issue as well as an unpublished set of letters by Victoria Ocampo
  • Full-text search capability
  • An interface in both Spanish and English

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