George H. W. Bush and Foreign Affairs: Part 2: Bosnia and the Situation in the Former Yugoslavia

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This collection consists of materials related to the former Yugoslavia, particularly Bosnia, and presidential decision-making. This collection provides researchers with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive picture of the many issues and the impacts of U.S. policy on the newly-created republics. Issues addressed include diplomatic recognition, humanitarian relief, military intervention, and international negotiations. Documentation consists of cables, NSC materials, press releases, press summaries, news items, and letters from Congress. The press releases originated with such organizations as the White House Press Office, the UN, and AmeriCares (a charitable organization). Many of the press summaries were faxed to the White House by the Republic of Serbia's Ministry of Information. Letters from members of Congress generally urge action of one kind of another in the Balkans and often include supporting material such as newspaper articles or reports. Most responses to Congress are form letters created by the Administration.

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