Modern Trends In Physics: Proceedings Of The 4th International Conference On Modern Research, 1st Edition

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The objectives of the conference are to develop greater understanding of physics research and its applications to promote new industries; to innovate knowledge about recent breakthroughs in physics, both the fundamental and technological aspects; to implement of international cooperation in new trends in physics research and to improve the performance of the physics research facilities in Egypt. This proceedings highlights the latest results in the fields of astrophysics, atomic, molecular, condensed matter, laser, nuclear and particle physics. The peer refereed papers collected in this volume were written by international experts in these laser fields.

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1: Opening Honorary Keynote Presentation.
2: The Variation of the Solar Diameter and Irradiance: Eclipse Observation of July 11, 2010.
3: I. Atomic, Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics.
4: I-1 Keynote and Plenary Papers.
5: Photo-Excitation and Photoionization for Plasma Opacities under the Iron Project.
6: Physics of the Corona and Present and Future Major Solar and Heliospheric Space Missions.
7: Solar Activities and Space Weather Hazards.
8: Electron Beam Ion Trap and Its Applications.
9: Generation, Design and Applications of High Energy Electron Beam Sources—an Overview.
10: Fundamental Studies and Applications of Highly Charged Ions.
11: Classification of Spectral Wavelengths in all Regions for Si XII.
12: Some Historic and Current Aspects of Plasma Diagnostics Using Atomic Spectroscopy.
13: Novelty Preparation, Characterization and Enhancement of Magnetic Properties of Mn Nanoferrites Using Safety Binder (Egg White).
14: II-2 Contributing Papers.
15: Stark Broadening Calculations of Several Ti Lines.
16: Nanostructure Iron-Silicon Thin Film Deposition Using Plasma Focus Device.
17: Size Confinement and Magnetization Improvement by La3+ Doping in BIFEO3 Quantum Dots.
18: Synthesis of Rare-Earth Doped and Undoped GaN Nano-Crystallites.
19: The Formation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Mn-Ferrite from Magnetite.
20: The Structural, Spectral and Dielectric Properties of Composite System NZF-BT.
21: On The Electrical Conductivity of Poly(Vinylchloride) / Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Blends.
22: Conductivity Enhancement of Mn Zn Ferrite by Gamma Irradiation.
23: Effect of Y3+ Cation on Electrical Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrites.
24: Characterization and Dramatic Variations of the Magnetic Properties of Cu-Doped Nanometric Co-Ferrite.
25: Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Nd2Fe14B Intermetallic Compound.
26: The Optical Properties of Poly (vinyl Chloride) / Poly (ethylene Oxide) Blends.
27: Giant Enhancement in the Physical Properties of Lafeo3 by Substitution of Divalent Ions.
28: II. High Density Short Pulse Lasers, Lasers and Applications.
29: II-1 Keynote, Plenary and Invited Presentations.
30: Laser Driven Secondary Sources for Spectroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics and Other Applications.
31: Advanced Laboratory for High Density Physics.
32: High Energy Density Physics: the Laser Field of Tomorrow.
33: Characterization of DC Glow Discharge Plasma by Hollow Cathode.
34: The Texas Petawatt Laser and Technology Development Towards an Exawatt Laser.
35: II-2 Contributing Papers.
36: Densely Packed 2-D Matrix-Addressable Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Arrays.
37: XUV and Soft X-Ray Laser Radiation From Ni-Like Au.
38: Enhanced Type-I Polarization-Entangled Photons Using CW-Diode Laser.
39: Effect of Preparation Method on Luminescence Properties and Quantum Efficiency of Cdte QDS.
40: Novel Process for Laser Stain Removal from Archaeological Oil Paintings.
41: Application of Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy on Breast Cancer Diagnoses.
42: Ultrafast Processes in Condensed Matter Studied with Ultrashort Laser Pulses.
43: III. Nuclear, Particle Physics and Astrophysics.
44: III-1 Keynote, Plenary and Invited Papers.
45: Energy Security of India—Nuclear Energy—an Inevitable Option Present Plans and Future Perspectives.
46: Charge Measurements of Fragmented Nuclei of Si at Different Energies.
47: Passive Safety Features in Advanced Nuclear Power Plant Design.
48: Research Studies Performed Using the Cairo Fourier Diffractometer Facility.
49: K-Surfaces in Schwarzschild Geometry.
50: X-Rays of Heavy Elements for Nanotechnological Applications: W and Pb Ions.
51: Effects of Radon Inhalation on Some Biophysical Properties of Blood in Rats.
52: Injection of Scattered Disc Objects into the Inner Solar System in Response to Shrinkage of the Heliosphere.
53: III.2 Contributing Papers.
54: Transverse momentum spectra of alpha-particles as projectile fragments in Nucleus - Em Interaction at (4.1 - 4.5) A GeV/c.
55: Light-Strange Mesons Decays in the Quark Model.
56: Surprising Rapid Collapse of Sirius B From Red Giant to White Dwarf through Mass Transfer to Sirius A.
57: Evaluation of Radioactivity Concentration in Tilapia Nilotica and Radiation Dose to Egyptian Population.
58: Solar Forcings on Nile and Earthquakes.
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