Arts and Humanities Through the Eras: Ancient Greece and Rome (1200 B.C.E.-476 C.E.), 1st Edition

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Profiling milestones and movements in the arts, literature, music and religion from a specific period, each volume in this set helps students and researchers understand the various disciplines of the humanities in relation to each other, as well as to history and culture. An overview of the period and a chronology of major world events begin each volume. Nine chapters follow covering the major branches of the humanities: architecture and design, dance, fashion, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater and visual arts. Chapters begin with a chronology of major events within the discipline followed by articles covering the movements, schools of thought and masterworks that characterize the discipline during the era and biographical profiles of pioneers, masters and other prominent figures in the field. Chapters also include significant primary documents from the period, including quotations, excerpts from artists about their work and/or commentaries/criticism published during the period, and a list of general references for further information.


"This wonderful reference set on the humanities and the arts in history is published by Thomson Gale, a reputable publisher in the reference book publishing business. They have brought together several scholars in the fields of the humanities and the arts, each a specialist in their particular section of this set. Each volume is about a different historical era and could stand on its own. This reference set is a compilation of fascinating information on nine disciplines: architecture and design, dance, fashion, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater, and visual arts throughout the history of Western civilization, particularly Europe. The five volumes of this set are divided according to the historical eras of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Europe, and the Age of the Baroque and the Enlightenment. This is a great resource for college students and others interested in the humanities and the arts throughout history. If a library of any kind can only afford to buy this set over buying numerous books on the humanities and the arts, this would be a good choice.", October 2005

— Voice of Youth Advocates

"In style similar to American Decades and American Eras, each volume in this impressive reference set represents an era and each era is divided into the categories: architecture, dance, fashion, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater, and visual arts. Within these categories are lists of important events, overviews, topics, significant people and documentary sources. Each volume begins with an era overview. Primary source documents are separated in gray boxes throughout the text. A wonderful resource useful for research in the arts and history!" --Pennsylvania School Librarians Associations, May 2006

— Pennsylvania School Librarians Association