Gerald R. Ford and Foreign Affairs, Part 1: National Security Advisor's Files: Section 2: Presidential Correspondence and Conversations with Foreign Leaders

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This microfilm publication consists of two subseries of the National Security Advisers Files: Presidential Correspondence with Foreign Leaders, 1974-1977, and Memoranda of Conversations, 1973-1977.

The Presidential Correspondence with Foreign Leaders, 1974-1977 consists of a mix of routine and substantive letters and telegrams exchanged between President Ford and leaders of sixty-four countries. Substantive exchanges address such topics as Angola, the British financial crisis, economic summit meetings, Middle East peace process, OPEC, Cyprus, South Vietnam, NATO, and Soviet influence in Africa and Asia. Supporting materials, including memoranda, notes, and letter drafts, round out the collection. The collection consists primarily of letters, many of them originals, sent by foreign leaders to President Ford and copies of letters and messages sent by President Ford to foreign leaders. Many folders contain supporting materials used in drafting President Ford's letters and telegrams.

The Memoranda of Conversations, 1973-1977 consists of transcript-like records, and the notes from which they were prepared, of President Nixon's and President Ford's conversations with heads of state and foreign officials, senior intelligence and national security officials, American ambassadors, Cabinet members, members of Congress, and other distinguished foreign and American visitors. The memoranda of conversations (memcons) cover a wide variety of foreign affairs and national security topics, including the Middle East peace process, East-West relations, NATO and Europe, normalization of relations with the People's Republic of China, Angola, foreign aid, arms control, energy, foreign, economic affairs, investigations of the intelligence community, and more.

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