Manuscripts of the Irish Literary Renaissance

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Dublin's Abbey Theatre was of central importance to the Irish cultural and dramatic renaissance. It provided a forum for the controversial new ideas of W. B. Yeats, Sean O'Casey and J. M. Synge. The last of the great 19th-century actors--Bernhardt, Irving, Coquelin and Duse--also performed in Dublin.

This era is of crucial significance to all theatre historians. The collection brings to life the most vital and exciting years of modern Irish literature.

Series One: The Diaries of Joseph Holloway, 1888-1944, from the National Library of Ireland, Dublin

The richness and variety of the cultural life of an era is recorded in detail in the remarkable diaries of Joseph Holloway. A devoted theater-goer, Holloway attended the opening night of every professional amateur production in Dublin for almost 50 years.

Series One: 105 reels

Part One: 1895-1911, 17 reels

Part Two: 1912-17, 21 reels

Part Three: 1918-24, 27 reels

Part Four: 1925-29, 40 reels

Series Two: The Abbey Theatre and Cultural Life: The W. A. Henderson Scrapbooks, 1899-1911, from the National Library of Ireland, Dublin

The W. A. Henderson Scrapbooks make available for the first time a wealth of invaluable documents spanning 12 years of progressive Irish drama. His collection of press cuttings, photographs and other literary documents contains much of interest and importance.

Series Two: 5 reels

Series Three: The J. M. Synge Manuscripts from the Library of Trinity College, Dublin

The fine collection of Synge manuscripts in the library of Trinity College, Dublin is of unrivalled importance to the study of the life and work of one of the principal figures in the Irish literary renaissance, and sheds light on the most exciting years in modern Irish literature.

Series Three: 19 reels

Complete collection:...