The Airline Encyclopedia: 1909-2000, 1st Edition

  • Myron J. Smith
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  • ISBN-10: 0810859343
  • ISBN-13: 9780810859340
  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
  • 3305 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2002 | Published/Released May 2007
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2002

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This reference work provides detailed historical and in-depth, year-by-year operational and statistical profiles of all the commercial air transport concerns extant worldwide during the past 90 years. The 6,556 entries are arranged alphabetically to facilitate ease of use.

This encyclopedia profiles all airlines including charter passenger planes, cargo airlines (major, commuter, and taxi), as well as specialized operators such as forest fire-fighting concerns, offshore helicopter services, and even pioneering airship operators like DELAG. Each profile receives individual chronological coverage, and every effort has been made to provide currency and postscripts listing name changes, mergers, and failures from late 2000 into December 2001.

If the airline is still flying, full data is provided including addresses, telephone numbers, web URLs, two-letter IATA or three-letter ICAO codes, and year founded. For the most part, company portraits are provided under the most recent airline name, as well as predecessor identity. Name, nationality and dates of operation note companies that have dissolved.

In addition to the company reviews supplied by aviation press, commercial monographs, government sources, and the general news media, data is also provided on:

  • Accidents and incidents
  • Terrorism and in-flight crime
  • Government service in war and peace
  • Detailed company histories of all airlines
  • Lists "code-sharing" partnerships and pacts with other carriers
  • Includes financial information on major carriers
  • Literary or film production involvement
  • Links to major sporting events like the Olympic Games
  • Natural disasters
  • Routes

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Other Frontmatter.
1: A & M Aviation.
2: A-B-C Airlines.
3: A Soriano Aviation.
4: AAA Air Enterprises.
5: Aaxico Airlines.
6: AB Airlines, Ltd..
7: ABA Air, A.S..
8: ABA Swedish Airlines (Aktiebolaget Aerotransport, A.B.).
9: ABACO Air, Ltd..
10: Abacus Air, GmbH..
11: Abakan Avia.
12: Abakanskoe Aviapredpriatie (Abakan Air Enterprise).
13: Abelag Aviation, S.A..
14: Aberdeen Airways, Ltd. (1).
15: Aberdeen Airways, Ltd. (2).
16: Abilene Aero-Lubbock Aero.
17: Abitibi Helicopters, Ltd..
18: Able American Jets.
19: Aboitiz Air.
20: Absil Air Services (Pty.), Ltd..
21: Abu Dhabi Helicopters, Ltd..
22: ABV Airways.
23: Academy Airlines.
24: ACASA (Aerovias Cariari, S.A.).
25: Accessair.
26: ACE Aerial Service.
27: ACE Freighters (Aviation Charter Enterprises, Ltd.).
28: ACE-Transvalair, S.A..
29: Acerca S.A..
30: ACES Colombia (Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia, S.A.).
31: ACM Air Charter, GmbH..
32: ACM Aviation.
33: ACORI (Aero Costa Rica, S.A.).
34: ACSA (Aerocargo S.A. de C.V.).
35: Action Airlines.
36: Action Aviation, Ltd..
37: Active Aero Group.
38: AD Astra Aero, A.G..
39: ADA Air (Adalbanair).
40: Adastra Airways (Pty.), Ltd..
41: ADC Airlines (Aviation Development Company, Ltd.).
42: ADC Liberia (Aviation Development Company-Liberia, Inc.).
43: Addison Aviation Services.
44: Adelaide Airways (Pty.), Ltd..
45: Aden Airways, Ltd..
46: ADES (Aerolineas Del Este, S.A.).
47: Adirondack Airlines.
48: Adlair Aviation, Ltd..
49: Admas Air Service, S.C..
50: Adria Airways (Adria Aviopromet)(1).
51: Adria Airways (Adria Aviopromet) (2).
52: ADSA (Aerolineas Dominicanas, S.A.).
53: ADSA (Aerovias Darienitas, S.A.).
54: Advance Air Charter, Ltd..
55: Advantage Airlines.
56: AE Colombia (Aerolineas Especiales de Colombia, S.A.).
57: AEBAL (Aerolineas de Baleares, S.A.).
58: Aegean Aviation, S.A..
59: AEOL.
60: AER Airlines (Aerotransportes Entre Rios, S.A.).
61: AER Arann (Kilroe Air Ireland, Ltd.).
62: AER Aran Express, Ltd..
63: AER Kavango (Pty.), Ltd..
64: AER Lingus Commuter (Aerlinte Eireann Tioranta, Ltd.).
65: AER Lingus Irish Airlines, Ltd..
66: AER Turas Teoranta (Irish Cargo Airlines, Ltd.).
67: Aerea Teseo, S.p.A..
68: Aerial Transit Company.
69: Aerial Transport Company of Siam, Ltd..
70: Aerie Airlines.
71: Aeris, S.A..
72: Aermediterranea (Linee Aeree Mediterranee, S.p.A.).
73: Aero, Ltd..
74: Aero Africaine (Compagnie Aero Africaine, S.A.).
75: Aero Air.
76: Aero Andes, S.A..
77: Aero Asia International, Ltd..
78: Aero Association Lucerne.
79: Aero B Venezuela, S.A..
80: Aero Belau.
81: Aero Bengal, Ltd..
82: Aero California Servicios Aereos, S.A. de C.V..
83: Aero Cardal Air Services, Ltda..
84: Aero Carga, S.A. de C.V..
85: Aero Caribbean of Cuba.
86: Aero Chaco (Lineas Aereas Chaquenas, S.A.).
87: Aero Charta Darta, S.A..
88: Aero Charter.
89: Aero Chasqui, S.A..
90: Aero Coach Aviation International.
91: Aero Commuter Airlines.
92: Aero Condor, S.A..
93: Aero Continente, S.A..
94: Aero Continente Chile, S.A..
95: Aero Contractors of Nigeria, Ltd..
96: Aero Costa Sol, S.A..
97: Aero Cozumel, S.A. de C.V..
98: Aero-Dienst, GmbH..
99: Aero-Dyne Airlines.
100: Aero Eslava, S.A. de C.V..
101: Aero-Express R.T..
102: Aero Feliz, S.A. de C.V. Mexico (1990–1991)..
103: Aero Fiesta Mexicana, S.A. de C.V..
104: Aero France International, S.A..
105: Aero Freight.
106: Aero Geral, Ltda..
107: Aero Guadalajara, S.A. de C.V..
108: Aero International Airlines.
109: Aero Kuznetsk Novokuznetsk Airline.
110: Aero Leasing Geneve, S.A. (ALG).
111: Aero Leasing Italiana, S.p.A. (ALI).
112: Aero Leasing Ukraine.
113: Aero Licht.
114: Aero Lloyd, S.A..
115: Aero Lloyd Flugreisen, GmbH. & Co..
116: Aero Lloyd Warschau, S.A..
117: Aero-Mitla, S.A. de C.V..
118: Aero Niger, S.A..
119: Aero O/Y.
120: Aero Pacifico, S.A. de C.V..
121: Aero Portuguesa (Sociedade Aero Portugueza, S.A.).
122: Aero Republica, S.A..
123: Aero Safari, S.A. de C.V..
124: Aero Sahara, S.A..
125: Aero Santa, S.A..
126: Aero Service, S.A..
127: Aero Servicios-Trans Caribbean Airlines, S.A..
128: Aero Southwest.
129: Aero Taxi (1).
130: Aero Taxi (2).
131: Aero Taxi del Vizcaino, S.A. de C.V..
132: Aero Taxi Jacarepagua, Ltda..
133: Aero Taxis (Companhia Aero Taxis, S.A.).
134: Aero Tonala, S.A. de C.V..
135: Aero Trades Western, Ltd..
136: Aero Trans Colombia de Cargo.
137: Aero Transport, S.A..
138: Aero Transport Flugbetriebsgesellschaft, GmbH..
139: Aero Transporti Italiani, S.p.A. (ATI Linee Aeree Nazionali).
140: Aero Transports Ernoul, S.A..
141: Aero Tropical, S.A..
142: Aero T.Z. (Aero-Komunikacja Powietrzna, S.A.).
143: Aero Union.
144: Aero Uruguay, S.A..
145: Aero Virgin Islands.
146: Aero Volga Concern.
147: Aero Zambia, Ltd..
148: Aeroamerica.
149: Aeroandina (Linea Aerea Andina, S.A.).
150: Aerocancun (Aeronautica de Cancun, S.A. de C.V.).
151: Aerocesar (Aerovias Del Cesar, S.A.).
152: Aerochago Airlines, S.A..
153: Aerochile, S.A..
154: Aerocondor (Aerovias Condor de Colombia, Ltda.).
155: Aerocor (Aerolineas Cordillera, S.A.).
156: Aerocosta International, Ltda..
157: Aerodinos, S.A..
158: Aerodynamics.
159: Aeroel Airways, Ltd..
160: Aeroexo (Transportes Aereos Ejecutivos, S.A. de C.V.).
161: Aeroexpreso Bogota, Ltda..
162: Aeroexpress Joint Stock Company.
163: Aeroexpresso de la Frontera, Ltda..
164: Aeroexutivos, S.A..
165: Aeroflex Corporation.
166: Aeroflot-Don.
167: Aeroflot-Perm.
168: Aeroflot Russian International Airlines (ARIA).
169: Aeroflot Soviet Airlines (Grazdansij Wozdushniyj Flot).
170: Aerogaviota.
171: Aerogenesis Aviation.
172: Aeroglobo, S.A..
173: Aerogolfo, S.A..
174: Aerogulf Services, Ltd..
175: Aerolatin (Aerolineas Latinas, S.A.).
176: Aeroleasing Deutschland, GmbH..
177: Aeroleasing Far East (Pty.), Ltd..
178: Aerolift International (Pty.), Ltd..
179: Aerolift Philippines.
180: Aerolik Airline.
181: Aerolineas Abaroa, Ltda..
182: Aerolineas Amancer, S.A. de C.V..
183: Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A..
184: Aerolineas Cargueras, S.A..
185: Aerolineas Carreras Transportes Aereos, S.A..
186: Aerolineas Condor, S.A..
187: Aerolineas Cuahonte, S.A. de C.V..
188: Aerolineas de la Frontera S.A. de C.V..
189: Aerolineas del Este, S.A..
190: Aerolineas del Pacifico, S.A. de C.V..
191: Aerolineas Galapagos, S.A..