Actors and Managers of the English Stage

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Previous Title: Actors and Managers of the English and American Stage

Series One: The Papers of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry from the Bram Stoker Collection, The Shakespeare Centre Library, Stratford-upon-Avon

The creative partnership of Henry Irving and Ellen Terry dominated the theater of late Victorian England.

The material here includes many playtexts in various stages of revision and alteration providing a valuable opportunity to study Irving's acting and production methods. Among the annotated versions of his most famous plays are his own corrected copies of "Cymbeline," "Coriolanus" and the prompt books for his acclaimed "Hamlet."

Both Lyceum productions and the company's extensive and almost annual tours of America, which began in 1883, are comprehensively documented. Part One covers the main sequence of playtexts and adaptations, magazine articles, playbills and programs, tour records, letters, pictures and reviews, filmed in chronological order by category. Part Two includes the "portfolio" material of letters, drawings and programs, and the press-cutting volumes covering the years 1883-98.

Series One: 30 reels in two parts

Series Two: The Papers of David Garrick from the John Forster Collection at the National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum

This series provides a fully-cataloged, complete edition of the Garrick correspondence from the John Forster Collection at the National Art Library. The correspondence illuminates Garrick's career as a dramatist, director and actor. Many of the 2,000 letters included here are to actors, writers or stage managers, and reveal Garrick's opinions on comedy, acting, playwriting and many other aspects of the theater.

Series Two: 10 reels